Going With The Flow?


Hello everyone! I hope this post finds everyone well. We have had several days where it has been pretty hot. I had a little setback last Monday which put many things to a screeching halt and left me a little bewildered.

I had been working part-time but getting paid well. It required a lot of driving and for that, I was using a friend’s pickup. Well, last Monday I was traveling on a back road a was in an accident. I approached an intersection where there were no stop signs and weeds growing up so tall and right down to the road I couldn’t see if anything was coming on the left. I slowed down and proceeded only to be hit after about halfway through the intersection. The guy in the other vehicle had the same problem with not being able to see me. The road he was on had also been freshly graded which hampered his ability to stop. Luckily, we had both slowed down because of the intersection and not being able to see. He hit me in the driver’s side door. Since it is an extended cab, both doors were moved inward. I managed to get the door open but now it won’t latch. I guess I should have gotten out the other side instead of forcing it open, huh? Anyway, luckily there were no injuries and it could have been much worse if we had have been driving faster. Normally, there is hardly ever any traffic on the back roads but we both just happened to be there at the same time. So, I spent over a week getting dad’s 1996 Buick Century ready to drive, insured, and licensed. It runs well in town and you wouldn’t notice it had some issues on the highway. On rare occasions, I drove it out of town it would sputter and act crazy when picking up speed. So, I gave it new spark plugs and plug wires and now it runs much better… I hadn’t driven it for a while because I was using my friend’s pickup. I hadn’t been insured for a while which the old insurance company didn’t like very well. Not to mention the fact my license had been suspended for back child support, which I thought was straightened out with this new job. Unfortunately, to my surprise, it hadn’t been. Here I had been driving around with a suspended license. Fortunately, when the accident happened, we just exchanged insurance information and didn’t call the sheriff. When the insurance companies called neither one even asked about our driver’s license… One other reason I couldn’t get insurance with the old insurance company I had was that the driver of the other vehicle had insurance with them. I actually didn’t know my license was still suspended until I tried to get insurance. Anyway, I went to one insurance company to get the Buick insured and they wanted over $80 per month. I thought “HOLY CRAP!” Then, once I received the letter in the mail stating my license was good to go, I went to another insurance agency and they quoted me $156 for six months. WHEW! WHAT A DIFFERENCE! SOOOOO, it took me from Monday last week until Wednesday this week to get everything straightened out so I could get the Buick’s new license. Now I am told I will have to work out of the area and possibly stay at motels in order to continue working… Still only temporary… Finding a job at my age hasn’t been easy… I have not been “employed” for five years…

OK, so there are a lot of changes being made in so many areas. It makes one wonder what is going to happen next. A while back Facebook came out with a new version they wanted everyone to try out. I tried it out for a few minutes and didn’t like it so I switched back to the original. They have updated off an on over the years, but the basic “look” was barely changed and easily adapted to. Then last week, the popup covered almost the entire screen and it basically said we “had” to try it and get used to it because soon we would have no choice. So, I had no choice but to try it AGAIN. I basically only use Facebook to send messages to friends and family. At that time, I got on FB to message a friend but I couldn’t even find my friends list. After a few minutes of insanity, I found out how to switch back to the classic look. Last night, I again got on FB and the same darn popup was starring me right in the face AGAIN. You can’t just X out of it, you have to “try it”. Then, you have to go to your account settings to switch back to classic. I have been a FB member since 2007 and although changes have been made, it has always been similar and easy to navigate. I don’t use Messenger and I don’t have a cell phone.

Another website I use frequently changed their appearance but you could switch back to the old way. Then they asked why you switched back. They must have gotten a lot of bad reviews because now it is back to normal. They did make some good changes which is better for people using cell phones and tablets. Ummm, I only use a desktop computer (for now) and I don’t have a cell phone or tablet… Hmmm…

Now, I have been hearing a lot about WordPress bloggers having to use the new editor. When I started blogging again in 2017, everything had changed. I couldn’t find the old dashboard I was used to so I got on chat with support. They sent me a link so I could use the old version which I am still using even with this post. A few months I was prompted to try the “new block editor”. So, I did and after a few minutes, I deleted the post and went back to the old way. I understand updates have to be made for many reasons but when “seasoned” bloggers are used to writing and uploading photos a certain way we don’t like to change. It works perfectly fine the way it is. Now, if you want a little more pizzaz, you can choose from many themes. I have been blogging since 2009 and I have been using the same old way since I started. Updates have been made but they haven’t affected me at all. There have been moments I have had issues, but they have been because of my computer’s operating system updates. I had been using the Premium membership with WordPress for many years but then, because of a lack of funds, had to go back to the free WordPress. Fortunately, last week I was able to purchase the Personal membership. Nothing changed in appearance and everything is working the same as usual. It would have been the same even if I had purchased the Premium membership. The best thing is no ads on my blog now. The other thing is that I was using 93% of my space on the free membership which made me leery about adding a lot more pages and photos. I was told by support I could start seeing “things” disappear. Hmmm… SO, I upgraded and now I am using 46% of the space allowed. The reason I don’t like ads on my posts is because I have no control over where they are stuck. I checked before and they were randomly placed here and there interfering in the post. I didn’t like it but I couldn’t complain… Besides, with a free blog, I couldn’t chat with anyone to give my opinion. LOL!

I am confused somewhat why so many things are updating, upgrading, or whatever you want to call it. Why can’t they be made without changing the way sites look and work? Of course, we like new features that are helpful, but we don’t like having to deal with learning how to make things work. We all know barely anything lasts forever and has to e replaced like coffee pots, cars, lawnmowers, trimmers, clothes, etc. Sometimes we have to get newer computers because the old ones we have used for years are no longer upgradable. When we buy a new appliance we have no choice but to learn how to use it.

My 4 cup Mr. Coffee pot decided to die a few weeks ago. I went to get a new one and it was $17.00 at Wal-Mart. I paid less than $10 for the old one and I didn’t feel like paying $17 for a new one. SO, I got out the old percolator and used it for a while. When my son was here he had a nice fancy Keurig which I didn’t use. Oddly enough, he used my coffee pot more than the Kruig. Before he came here, he had lived with his mom for a while. I thought it was weird that he complained about her hiding her coffee pot in her bedroom so he couldn’t use it. He said, “why would I use her coffee pot when I have a Keurig?” Well, why did he use my coffee pot more than his Keurig? He is the one that even dug out the old percolator from the basement in the first place. He has been gone for a while, but I still had the old pot in the kitchen so I just started using it when the Mr. Coffee quit. Somewhere, the one we replaced it with is still here but I can’t find it… The coffee pot I used in Mississippi is also here somewhere but I can’t find it either… Maybe I got rid of them but can’t remember… I don’t think so… My memory is still fine. 🙂

ANYWAY, when was at Wal-Mart a few days ago I decided I could afford a new coffee pot. I still didn’t want to spend $17 for a 4-cup coffee pot nor did I want their cheaper Mainstays version. I don’t like cheaply made products and would rather do without than waste my money. I remember the days when I had an awesome Bunn coffee pot but I certainly didn’t want to spend that much for only a couple of cups of coffee per day. So, I looked around and there were less expensive Keurigs but I still didn’t want to pay $60 for a pot. SO, I opted for a less expensive Faberware that does the same thing. Well, that may have been a bit impractical because I paid more than a new Mr. Coffee would have cost me. I had a couple of pods laying around from somewhere that I tried out. Settings let you select either a 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14-ounce cup. You can also select if you are using a K-Cup or ground coffee and they have a gizmo for each one. I use a 12-ounce insulated cup for it to pour in and I think it would overflow if I selected 14-ounce. Then I add a little addictive creamer to an 8-ounce cup and pour my coffee into it. It is still a little strong but the creamer helps with that. This morning I used grounds and I will have to tweak that a little. It makes coffee stronger than the old pot and percolator, so I can actually use less coffee. This is not a complicated change and it works very well. I get my coffee in much less time.

I really want another cappuccino machine. I had one of those in Mississippi, too. The machine was in Suzanne’s stuff she had for the store, but I brought it home after she passed. A friend of mine there used to work in a coffee shop so he showed me how to use it. I wore it out after a few years… It was AWESOME!!! I had my own version of a white mocha latte.

Some things that upgrade I like. I like the new TV’s and I like new vehicles. I like the convenience and anything that helps us make our life better. I don’t like it when gadgets don’t work properly or fall apart. I always believed if you want something to last you have to pay the price. That I have done and basically do without until I can afford quality. I would love a new Ventrac with several attachments but that will have to wait until I get my lottery check.


My thoughts about COVID-19 are not that great. While I don’ think it is a joke like so many do around here.

Having to wear a mask when I was working was a pain in the neck but it was required. It itches, fogs up my glasses, and falls down when I talk. BUT, I think it is something necessary that should be done, especially in crowded places. I was in a larger community about 40 miles away one day and needed o go to Wal-Mart before I left. I decided not to go because that area had A LOT more positive cases than where I live or even where the Wal-Mart is I normally shop at. While working, I have stopped at a few convenience stores in different communities. Rural communities, where testing has not been done, seem to have a careless attitude toward the virus and no one wears masks except for store employees. In bigger communities, most customers are also wearing masks. Here in my home town, 99% of the people in stores and restaurants do not wear masks. While it is true we have only had maybe three people test positive it is likely because not many people have been tested. Supposedly, the clinic in town tests everyone that comes in and they have not reported any cases. The first case we had was an elderly lady that had been moved to the nursing home from another area. After a few days, she tested positive and was moved out. Another man tested positive after returning home from traveling. Another person, maybe his wife, also tested positive.

I watched a video on FB that is titled “THE FIRST COUNTRY TO WIN AGAINST COVID-19?” The guy was talking about Taiwan for the most part. Taiwan is a country with a population of 23,823,665 that has only tested 86,826 people. If they tested more I think they would have a different story. The United States has administered 79,472,486 tests and has a population of 331,309,290. Hmmm… I think someone screwed up when they decided to test so many people. It makes us look bad compared to countries like Taiwan. It was a good video, though, and shows the importance of wearing masks when in public. I think it is probably a good measure especially when you are around a lot of people not wearing them…

Now, I think we have all been pretty much exposed to the virus and a lot of us are positive or have antibodies indicating we had it and got over it. I had this weird cold or something that I mentioned a few posts ago. It is getting better now since my new supplements from Nature’s Sunshine arrived earlier this week. I stopped using nasal spray as soon as I started taking the pills. No cold/allergy medicine I had taken for three weeks helped one lick except to reduce the feverish feeling I would sometimes get. I started using the nasal spray in January because I was not allowed to take my elderberry supplements (because I was scheduled to have kidney stone surgery). The problem with cold medicine is that it took a while to feel better after taking it and then when it would wear off I wouldn’t feel so good again. With the supplements, I don’t have that rise and fall. My sinuses are now draining well and I am feeling better but it may take a while to feel as well as before. I didn’t go to the doctor for several reasons. One is that I am not a prescription drug taker. I know sometimes we have no choice or don’t think we do, but I am a believer in herbal and holistic medicine. Nature’s Sunshine has been a brand I have used for MANY years and I have always felt the difference when using their products. Many other brands I have tried don’t work that well.

I decided I would also try a vitamin supplement because I am getting, umm, older and I don’t always eat well. Even though the supplement has 500 mg of Vitamin C, I am still taking 500 mg from the bottle I had before.

You never know. Maybe I have COVID! What would happen if I got tested? Would I be quarantined? Sent to a facility somewhere? Who would take care of the chickens, cats, my plants, and the garden? What about the watermelons that are about to ripen? I have waited so long for a ripe one!


The problem with upgrades is that we can’t get an upgrade ourselves. We should be able to own a gizmo we can step into or lay down on like a tanning bed. We get in and get out and look and feel 20-30 years younger. Not that I am old, or even feel old, I am just “looking” older. This is where I think god screwed up. Notice I use “g” instead of ‘G”. I know about the Sumerian tablets (etc.) and have a different opinion about our creation than what the bible teaches… Hmmm… And to think I am an elder at the church I attend…



WELL, over the past four years I have done a lot of research and have my own opinion. One that I am not quite ready to share. I am quite sure my opinions and beliefs are the same as a lot of others but none of us want anyone else to know what we think. That is why we have so many issues on this planet. I have a lot to talk about but I am not sure how to go about it…

OK, I think I should wind this post up for now. I have several others in the works I can finish now before I get behind and they become old news…

I did get some new plants in the mail from a cactus and succulent farm I have to write about. Well, that was part of the deal I think even though it wasn’t directly stated. 🙂 Well, you know what I think about the industry’s misnaming of plants and their website is no exception. I will have to have some “rules” in place if I am going to help promote the company. The plants are great, though!

SO, until next time, be safe, stay positive, always be thankful, embrace life, stay well, and so on. GET DIRTY when you can and take a deep breath of fresh air!



18 comments on “Going With The Flow?

  1. rmkinder says:

    Well, I haven’t had all the problems you’ve had, but some are very similar. The Facebook changes, certainly, and WordPress classic editor and block editor. i wanted to use classic editor and according to the prewarnings, I would be able too. I could never find the option allowing it. I emailed the help people twice and was told how to access the old editor. The first instructor referred to an option in the upper right hand corner of the page. Clicking on the three dots and scrolling down would show the Classic Editor option. It didn’t. The second time, the instruction says I need to go through WordAdmin make a couple other choices. I just used the new editor, hating it all the while, and will try to get Classic back before I post again. I can’t control the headings in the new version. I’m sure I can learn how, but the learning curve is steep.

    Maybe we have had Covid 19. Both my daughters believe they did. I haven’t had the right symptoms, though I’ve had bizarre symptoms that dragged on and on. My husband had a mild stroke in July, so we’ve been dealing with lots of new problems and dealing Covid was old hat.

    Take care. Hope you get to taste that ripe watermelon.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hello Rose Marie! When I started blogging again and was given the link to the old dashboard, I saved it so I wouldn’t have to worry about how to find it. I have found being able to chat with someone is much better than trying to find a solution through the WordPress community or email. It is much easier to explain yourself. Once or twice I chatted with someone who didn’t know hardly any more than I did but usually they have been great. You have to buy at least a Personal plan which only costs $48.00 per year in order to chat with support. Then you get rid of those pesky ads on your posts, too. I talked with a friend tonight and he also mentioned a lot of upgrading and changes were being made in the industry he works in (petroleum). Even the insurance company that handled one of the claims on the accident said she came to work on Monday and everything had changed… GEEZ!

      From what I understand, you can have the virus without showing all the symptoms or none. It is quite possible to have one or two that drag on that we initially think is something else. I think it is best to use natural products that help build your immune system. I am sorry to hear about your husband’s stroke. I hope he makes a full recovery.

      I am still hoping for a ripe watermelon soon as well. Patience is a virtue, you know. Take care and thanks for the comment!

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  2. Jim R says:

    Wow! You sure covered a lot of ground. I’m glad your crash didn’t hurt anyone. My wife has been bugged by the imposed facebook changes. I refuse to use the new blockhead editor in WordPress.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hello Jim! You have said that before when I vented a little. LOL! It seems I have to do that sometimes on the blog because I have no other audience. Some of the changes we are dealing with are ridiculous. Hopefully, bad feedback will get “those in charge” to pay attention and stop the nonsense. I am laughing while typing.:) I hope you and yours are doing well. Thanks for the comment!


  3. katechiconi says:

    Lonnie, looking at that photo of you wear the mask, I see one reason why maybe your glasses are steaming up. You need to pinch the nose wire in the top edge so it fits tight over the bridge of your nose! I’ve put nose wires in all my home made masks for this reason. The blue disposable ones all have a wire. Maybe give it a try, it might make wearing it easier for you.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hello Kate! Oh, I figured that out about the masks. The one I was wearing when I took the photo was new and I hadn’t pinched the wire yet. I have worn masks for years when cleaning out chicken houses and working in the hatchery. You learn quickly to pinch the wire. Some masks don’t have the elastic string that goes around the ears and are very tight. That is what we were provided when I started the new job and I can’t wear those… I like the blue ones pretty well. I hope you and yours are doing well. Thanks for the comment!

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  4. Debbie says:

    Hi Rooster – this was a good post. I got up, made my tea Opened your post and feel like I sat and had a good catch up with Lonnie! It’s certainly weird discovering by accident (literally) you had no licence! But good to find out in a way where there was no personal injury I guess. ..now this matter of things updating is very irritating. My first and most significant experience of it was when I was at work. I had to visit stores over a large Area to see everything was as it should be. I did the job for 20 years & I took a pad & we wrote any actions for improvement as we Went. Simple. A year before I left, my boss decided we all have to use a tablet to make a record of the actions. If he had invested in iPads & excellent WIFi I still would have thought it was an imposition. As it was we had clunky heavy tablets, poor quality and the WiFi coverage was awful. The ongoing pressure to conform was intense. A whole day of training on how to use the technology, emotional support days to deal with change! A woman saying to me In a soft breathy voice “i can help you just come on our journey’ They dont get it – it’s not I can’t do it I DONT WANT TO! I like writing on nice thick crisp squared paper with a fountain pen & I can do it quickly. what’s that to anyone else? so .. a little vent of my own🤣. There were many reasons I decided to give up my management job and become a gardener but that was right up there! Also in addition there is nothing like technology to make you mad. Ironically since I gave up the job I have become more patient & calm and these things just wash over me now for the most part 🙂
    Covid rules here in England are really getting mixed up. Things change all the time & everyone is confused, fed up and disappointed with how we have responded. Everyone is an expert & talks on about the rights and wrongs of it all. I have Covid exhaustion- just from hearing about it. Health wise I’m lucky to be in the south-east corner which so far has done ok. I found a Lido 40 mins away and I have been able to start swimming again which has been wonderful. Masks are a complete pain but I think it can only help. I’m so glad you got rid of the adverts – they really annoyed me. I too am thinking of buying a cappuccino maker – my friend has one and I go each week to help her in the garden & then we have a cappuccino & a chat. It’s a nice treat. Maybe that’s enough? 🤔 Anyway Really looking forward to sharing the ripe water melon with you if only in spirit – keep smiling !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Debbie! I think the world is going through something weird. Part us are stunned and part of us want to just get on with it. Some people think they should do something to help others cope and part of us are doing just fine without anyone’s help. I would like to know what the deal with these updates that are screwing everything up. I think perhaps the usual people running things are not anymore and new people are making changes to make “it” work and look like they want it to. Perhaps they have some kind of psychological disorder and making others do “it” like they do make them feel better. LOL! Maybe that’s how they weed some of us out and replace us with people who agree with them or new people who don’t know any better.

      COVID exhaustion is a good way to put it. It is more of an issue because so many people are making it an issue. There should be “rules” and “recommendations” in place that we should follow. It not only keeps us safe but others as well. There is no way to know who has it, has had it, or neither unless everyone is tested much quicker than they have been. We can’t keep dragging it out or it will never be controlled properly. People who were negative before will get it and those who have had it before are getting it again. I don’t like the masks, but when I am out interviewing people and talking I think I should wear it. I could very well be positive and I don’t want someone to get it because of my neglect. You would be surprised how many people living on the back roads have told me I don’t need to wear it for them… GEEZ!

      I am really glad you have a career now that is less stressful. It certainly makes a difference in one’s life being able to enjoy what they do. I have a good friend with a stressful career and he is PO’d much of the time. (Not sure if I can say “pissed off” or not). My sister has a stressful job and she is about the most miserable person I have ever met. I get aggravated sometimes, mostly when someone is doing their job. I don’t worry, though. No point in worrying and it gets you nowhere. Try to stress me out and you will see me smile at you. Then, that will make you smile and forget what the problem is in the first place.

      Seriously, whatever ails the world is nothing a nice cup of cappuccino or a latte won’t solve… Take care and thanks for the comment!


  5. Yes, lots of ground covered! So glad you weren’t hurt in the accident.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Laurie! I tried to cover a few things most other people are going through. No one is alone in anything and most people go through the same issues. I am glad no one was hurt in the accident either. We were blessed in that respect. I hope you and yours are doing well. Thanks for the comment!

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  6. bittster says:

    Haha, I was thinking the same thing, you covered just about everything in this post!
    My favorite thing is the box of plants though. That’s awesome, I hope you enjoy the goodies they sent.
    Glad the accident wasn’t worse. Sucks though that your truck is off the road from a job that doesn’t cover the cost to replace it, but good you have a backup plan. Hope you feel better soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Frank! Yeah, too bad for the pickup. It wasn’t the best looking but it ran very well. The old Buick runs fine so I am back in action. They transferred me to a different zone or something and now I have a new supervisor and plenty more work.

      The plants are great and the best thing is that they were free. 🙂 Take care and thanks for the comment!


  7. tonytomeo says:

    1996 Century?! RAD! The wagon passed away months ago; but I have not replaced it because I can not find a car that I want to spend money on. I ‘drive’ a 1967 C10 Chevrolet, which works fine, but will not last much longer. I almost got a Century a while back. I would not mind purchasing one if it became available. Unfortunately, they are about extinct now.
    I have not been watching the news about the Coronavirus. I know it gets around here rather badly because one thing that Californians do efficiently, it is spread disease.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Tony! Yeah, the old Buick was my parents and now I am driving it. It has about 180,000 on it but it seems to run fine. It doesn’t look that great because it has no hub caps. Dad had bought several sets and they keep flying off. I like old vehicles but I like the new ones, too. You just have to kind of drive what you can afford and hope it lasts. I haven’t watched any videos or read anything about the virus that much lately. I check worldmeters.com once in a while to check the numbers but that is about it. I think we will just have to live with masks and social distancing for a while and see what happens. Take care and thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Wow what a time you have had! Sorry to read about the accident but glad you didn’t get hurt. I agree 100% about all these changes, they’re awful! Now, if you get the virus I would be happy to see that all those watermelon get used…lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Diane! I bounce back really quickly and I am back in action. I am a “what you see is what you get” kind of guy with no changes necessary. 🙂 Anyway, that is my opinion. Apparently, Facebook and other sites think we all need a bit of improving… The older you get the more you have to stay on your routine. I didn’t say “me”, but it is one of those times when “we” and “you” also seems to mean me… As far as the watermelons go… I don’t care how many you take as long as we get them weighed and make sure they are ripe… I am laughing about the ripe part. Take care and thanks for the comment!


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