Hypericaceae Family:

Hypericum punctatum (Spotted St. John’s Wort) on 7-29-19, #608-15.

Hypericaceae Juss.


The plant family Hypericaceae was named and described as such by Antoine Laurent de Jussieu in Genera Plantarum in 1789.

As of 3-9-21 when I last updated this page, Plants of the World Online lists six genera in this family commonly known as the St. John’s Wort family.

The only species I am familiar with is Hypericum punctatum (Spotted St. John’s Wort). I may have located Hypericum perforatum (Common St. John’s Wort) but I have to go back to the location to verify.

You can check out the links below for further reading about the family. Plants of the World Online the most up-to-date plant database. The numbers on Wikipedia do not match as their references are out-of-date but it is a good article. We are all a work in progress…


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