Begoniaceae Family:

Begonia ‘Withlacoochee’ (aka. ‘Brazilian Lady’) on 7-30-13, #362-9.

Begoniaceae C.Agardh


The plant family Begoniaceae was named and described by Carl Adolf Agardh in Aphorismi Botanici in 1824.

As of 12-2-22 when this page was last updated, Plants of the World Online lists two genera in the plant family Begoniaceae (Begonia and Hillebrandia). According to Plants of the World Online, the Begonia genus contains 1,992 species, and Hillebrandia only has one. Those numbers could change as updates are made on POWO.

For further information on this family of plants, please click on the links below. They take you directly to the page for the family. You can click on the plant names under the photos to go to the pages of Begonias I have grown and am currently growing.

There isn’t a whole lot online about Begonia cultivars unless you click on page after page of sources for the plants. By the time go through a few pages you get tired of it. A man from Proven Winners sent me a link to the International Database of the Begoniaceae… Ummm… The Record List includes 19,401 different species and cultivars of Begonias…


Begonia ‘Don Miller’ (aka. ‘Frosty’) on 7-1-17, #353-7.

I brought this Begonia ‘Don Miller’ (aka. ‘Frosty’) home from one of the local greenhouses in 2017. I brought home several different cultivars on the same day. The registered name for this cultivar is ‘Don Miller’. It was hybridized by Naron Stewert and named after Don Miller.


Begonia ‘Little Miss Mummy’ (aka. ‘Fannie Moser’) on 7-30-17, #362-10.

Begonia ‘Little Miss Mummy’ (aka. ‘Fannie Moser’) was another Begonia I brought home in 2017 from the same greenhouse… The registered name is ‘Little Miss Mummy’. It was hybridized by Brad Thompson in 1992.


Begonia ‘Sophie Cecile’ (aka. ‘Sophia’) on 7-30-17, #362-12.

I also brought this Begonia ‘Sophie Cecile’ (aka. ‘Sophia’) home. Its registered name is ‘Sophie Cecile’ and was hybridized by Belva Nelson Kusler in 1961.


Begonia ‘Withlacoochee’ (aka. ‘Brazilian Lady’) on 8-7-17, #365-2.

The Begonia ‘Withlacoochee’ (aka. Brazilian Lady’ has always been one of my favorites. My first one was given to me by the owner of Pleasant Acres Greenhouse when I was living in Mississippi. The registered name is Begonia ‘Withlacoochee’ and it was hybridized by Francis Michelson in 1977.


Begonia boliviensis on 6-12-14, #229-10.

I brought my first Begonia boliviensis home from the same local greenhouse in 2014. There are several cultivars of this species and they are great plants. The label just said “Begonia boliviensis” so I don’t know what cultivar it was.


Begonia rex on 8-8-13, #171-6.

I brought this Begonia rex home from Lowe’s in 2013 when I was living in Mississippi. I bought it from the discount rack and it was almost dead. It survived so I brought it with me when I moved back to the family in Missouri in 2013.

I have brought a few other Begonias home along the way that haven’t made it and I am likely to bring home more…

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