Oxalidaceae Family:

Oxalidaceae R. Br.

The family Oxalidaceae was named and described by Robert Brown and James Hingston Tuckey (listed as an “In Author”) in Narrative of an Expedition to Explore the River Zaire in 1818.

Plants of the World Online lists 5 accented genera in this family commonly known as the wood sorrel family. There are a total of 648 accepted species listed between them with genus Oxalis being the largest with 551 species. Genera include Averrhoa, Biophytum, Dapania, Oxalis, and Sarcotheca. The Wikipedia article says there are 570 species so one or the other is not current… It is difficult keeping up to date with all the changes taking place.

For more information about this family of plants, please click on the links below. The links take you directly to the information about the family.


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