Apiaceae Family

Apiaceae Lindl.


The Apiaceae Family was named and described by John Lindley in Natural System of Botany in 1836.

Plants of the World Online lists 374 accepted genera in this family named after the genus Apium. There has been a lot of reclassifying of plant families, genera, and species in the past few years. Plants of the World Online is a fairly new venture of the Royal Botanic Garden-Kew and is still uploading data. The Wikipedia article for this family states there are “more than 3,700 species in 434 genera.” So, one of these sites is not up to date.

The 2013 version of The Plant List names 418 accepted genera with a LARGE number of unresolved genera. It lists 3,257 accepted species in this family plus an additional 252 accepted infraspecific names. It also lists a total of 6,729 synonyms and 4,912 unresolved names. The Plant List is no longer being maintained and the last update was the 2013 version. It is a good source for comparing the data there with current data which shows a great progress is being made reclassifying the plant world.

For more information about this family of plants, please click on the links below. The links take you directly to the information about the family.

Plants of the World Online

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