x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’

x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’ as I bought it on 8-25-12, #116-26.

x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’

Gasteria x Aloe


x Gasteraloe Guillaumin is the accepted name for this intergeneric hybrid. It was named and described by André Guillaumin in Bulletin du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris) in 1931.

I bought this plant from Lowe’s in August 2012 in Greenville, Mississippi when I was living at the mansion in Leland.

x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’ on 11-23-12, #131-24.

I measured the x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’ on 11-23-12 and it was 5″ tall x 6 3/4″ wide. I had already re-potted it.

x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’ may be an older cultivar and is also sometimes sold under the name ‘Lemon-Lime’. The variegation of this hybrid is highly variable and somewhat regressive. Offsets of this plant should be selected for variegation when the plants are divided because they can revert to a less variegated form. Even though the variegated plants are nicer, the greener offsets are easier to grow and they grow faster.


x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’ on 2-17-13, #139-42.

The above photo was taken on February 17, 2013, and it was the last one taken at the mansion in Mississippi. I was getting ready to move back to the family farm in mid-Missouri. I had to give up a lot of plants but I took most of my cactus and succulents

x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’ on 6-1-13, #151-41.

Of course, I had to bring my x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’ with me. It survived an eight-hour drive in the back of a trailer at 30-degree temps. It was snowing when I arrived and there was a lot of snow on the ground already. I put all the plants I brought with me in the basement temporarily and I was surprised at how well they did. The above photo shows my x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’, happy to be outside again.

x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’ on 7-30-13, #165-34.

I have to laugh every time I look at this photo taken on July 30, 2013. The top looks like someone sat on it…

x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold on 8-23-13, #178-56.

The potted plants are doing very well and getting used to their new home.

x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold on 8-23-13, #178-56.

The x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’ among friends on August 23, 2013.

x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’ on 9-8-13, #185-19.

I like measuring my plants from time to time, especially the cactus and succulents. On September 8, 2013, it measured 5″ tall x 11″ wide. That sounds a little strange since it was 5″ tall on 11-23-12… Well, maybe that is because it flattened out on top. Well, I can’t remeasure it now. It was looking REALLY AWESOME!

x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’ on 12-7-13, #208-36.

Inside for the winter and nestled on a table in front of a window with its friends on December 7, 2013.


x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’ on 6-29-14, #230-49.

Back outside once again for the summer. It did very well over the winter in the house and now it was glad to be back outside.

x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’ on 7-12-14, #231-56.

I really liked this plant but unfortunately, I had to give it up in the summer of 2014. Well, actually I didn’t have to but I thought I did. That mistake will NEVER happen again. Next time I give up plants I will make sure I really need to. Hopefully, someday I will find another xGasteraloe ‘Green Gold’.

Origin: Hybrid between Gasteria and Aloe
Zones: USDA Zones 9a-12
Height: 6-12”
Light: Light to part shade. Well, I grow my Aloe in light to part shade because I don’t like them burning in too much sun.
Soil: Very well-drained soil. Good quality potting soil amended with pumice (50/50) or additional perlite and chicken grit (2-1-1).
Water: Average water during the warmer months and not much in the winter.

Aloe, their hybrids, and their cousins are some of my favorite plants. They are very easy to keep as companions as long as you follow a few basic rules. Even so, there have been a few I have had ups and downs with but eventually, we get it figured out, or at least we agree to disagree. Normally, it has something to do with water. You can’t lump all succulents in the same category when it comes to care because many are very unique in their preferences…

Aloe and their cousins are considered a summer dormant/winter growing species but for me, they seem to grow pretty much year-round. I read where Aloe hybrids don’t go dormant and whether they are summer or winter dormant depends on where the species are native. Personally, I think most Aloe will grow year-round if given the opportunity but I am no expert. For me, I think they do most of their growing while outside from May through mid-October, but most show no sign of being dormant while inside for the winter. Their growth does slow down while inside over the winter and I pretty much withhold their watering to a little once a month if necessary. 

When you bring your new plants home from the store, you need to check their roots and the soil to see if they are wet. If so, you may want to re-pot it right away. It is advisable to re-pot them in a better potting soil more suitable for cactus and succulents. Always check for critters that may come home with the plants and keep an eye out during the winter months… 

You can read my Cactus Talk & Update and Cactus & Succulent Tips to get my opinion about growing cactus and succulents.

I hope you enjoyed this page and maybe found it useful. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, I would like to hear from you. Please click on “like” if you visited this page. It helps us bloggers stay motivated. 🙂 You can check out the links below for further reading. There isn’t much online about this plant, but hopefully, the links below will help.


2 comments on “x Gasteraloe ‘Green Gold’

  1. mrspeewee says:

    Thank you for the article on this plant specifically. I’ve found a bunch of stuff on the gasteraloe but not much pertaining to this one. I just got one the other day and it’s my first time with a gasteraloe at all. Good information and I loved seeing your plant growing over time. It grew beautifully. I hope mine does that well. I appreciate the work that people like you put into putting information out there so that we can all take the best care of our plants possible

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello mrspeewee! Gasteraloe are pretty easy to grow and ‘Green Gold” is a very nice cultivar. I hope you have great success with your new companion and I am pleased you liked my tribute. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the comment!


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