Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’

Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ on 10-12-11, #82-7.

Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’

Tagetes erecta

TAG-e-teez  ee-RECK-tuh


Tagetes patula

TAG-e-teez PAT-yoo-luh

Synonyms of Tagetes erecta (10) (Updated on 12-2-22 from Plants of the World Online): Tagetes corymbosa Sweet, Tagetes elongata Willd., Tagetes erecta f. plenifora Moldenke, Tagetes heterocarpha Rydb., Tagetes major Gaertn., Tagetes patula L., Tagetes patula aurantiaca T.Moore, Tagetes patula nanissima T.Moore, Tagetes remotiflora Kunze, Tagetes tenuifolia Kunth

Tagetes erecta L. is the accepted scientific name for this species of Marigold. The genus and species were named and described as such by Carl von Linnaeus in the second volume of the first edition of Species Plantarum in 1753.

As os 12-2-22 when this page was last updated, Plants of the World Online by Kew lists 49 species in the Tagetes genus. It is a member of the plant family Asteraceae with 1,689 genera. Those numbers could change as updates are made on POWO. The number of genera in the family fluctuates quite often.


Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ on 11-12-11, #84-10.

I bought a package of Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ from the Dollar general store in Leland, Mississippi in the spring of 2011. This is the year I planted the ‘French Dwarf Double’ and ‘Petite’.

Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ on 11-12-11, #84-16.

Not only that, but the plants seemed to grow larger and taller than they were supposed to. The Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ were supposed to grow to a height of only 12”.

Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ on 11-12-11, #84-12.

I started the seeds in the sunroom then transplanted them here and there in the backyard. I transplanted the Marigold ‘Petite’ along the front of the border and the ‘French Dwarf Double” behind them. The ‘Petite’ were supposed to grow to only around 8″ tall… That did not happen. They grew to the same height as the ‘French Dwarf Double.’

Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ on 9-2-11, #76-6.

There was a wide variety of colors…

Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ on 9-13-11, #78-9.

Previously, French types were considered Tagetes patula, but now they have found their way to the genus Tagetes erecta. Many scientific names have changed over the past several years, and some of the changes have been surprising. Previously, the taller Marigolds were Tagetes erecta while the shorter, bushier types were Tagetes patula… I am not a botanist, so I just go with the flow…

Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ on 10-12-11, #82-6.


Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ on 11-12-11, #84-8.


Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ on 11-12-11, #84-14.


Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ on 11-12-11, #84-17.


Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ on 11-12-11, #84-18.

My experience with the Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double’ was a good one. They did very well right up until frost in December. I didn’t save any seed because I decided I would focus on the Brocade series.

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