Marigold ‘Petite Mix’

Marigold ‘Petite’ at 32″ on 9-19-11, #79-1.

Marigold ‘Petite’
Tagetes patula
TAG-e-teez PAT-yoo-luh

I bought seeds of the Marigold ‘Petite Mix’ from the Family Dollar Store while living at the mansion in Mississippi in 2011. I also bought seeds of the Marigold ‘French Dwarf Double.

Marigold ‘Petite’ on 10-12-11, #82-11.

Information on the page said that the ‘Petite” were supposed to grow to a height of 8” and the ‘French Dwarf Double’ to a height of 12”. SO, my intentions were to plant the smaller ‘Petite’ along the front of the border in the corner bed in the backyard and the ‘French Dwarf Double’ behind them.

Marigold ‘Petite’ on 11-12-11, #84-22.

Well, they didn’t grow to only 8” They grew as tall as the ‘French Dwarf Double’ which also grew taller than they were supposed to. In fact, and I am NOT KIDDING, they grew 32” TALL!!!

The Marigold ‘Petite’ is a really nice cultivar, especially if they actually grow to only 8″ tall, and flower this profusely. I didn’t save any seeds because I decided to focus on the ‘Brocade’ series.

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