Colocasia ‘Bikini Tini’

Colocasia ‘Bikini Tini’ on 5-26-12, #94-7.

Colocasia ‘Bikini Tini’

Colocasia ‘Bikini Tini’ is a 2011 introduction from Brian’s Botanicals. It has been bred for better cold hardiness and more coloration. Brian says it has overwintered in USDA zone 6 for three years, and that was in 2011. Similar to the well know Colocasia ‘Tea Cups’ which I first grew in 2009 and again in 2012. It has cup-shaped dark green leaves, black petioles, and dark veining under the leaves. He said he thinks the plant is a polyploid because the leaves are thick and it is completely sterile. Colocasia ‘Tini Bikini’ grows to a height of 5-7 feet in ideal conditions. Brian recommends you grow them in full sun to part shade in well-drained soil. Just remember, it is a Colocasia so it LOVES water.

I bought mine from Wellspring Gardens as a starter plant in the spring of 2012. I wanted to see how it compared to Colocasia ‘Tea Cups’.

Plant Delights says their specimen has formed a 4 1/2’ tall x 3’ wide clump, better than either Colocasia ‘Coffee Cups’ or ‘Big Dipper’.

FAMILY: Araceae
ZONES: USDA 7b-10b (reports of it being hardy in Zone 6 with protection)
LIGHT: Sun to part shade
WATER: Prefers its soil to be consistently moist.

I didn’t bring this plant with me when I moved back to mid-Missouri in February 2013 but it is on my wish list. I think it didn’t impress me that much the first time around because I bought it as a starter plant.

Some websites are saying Colocasia ‘Bikini Tini’ is a Colocasia esculenta, but I don’t buy it…

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