Oleaceae Family:

Osmanthus fragrans (Tea Olive) at 12″ tall on the front porch at the mansion on 12-18-09, #54-50.

Oleaceae Hoffmanns. & Link


The plant family Oleaceae was named and described as such by Johann Centurius von Hoffmannsegg and Johann Heinrich Friedrich Link in Flore Portugaise (short version) in 1809.

As of 1-3-23 when I last updated this page, Plants of the World online still lists 29 genera in this family that includes olive, ash, jasmine, forsythia, lilac, etc.

I grew an Osmanthus fragrans (Tea Olive) while living at the mansion in Mississippi. You can click on the name to go to its own page. 

For more information about this family of plants, please click on the links below. The links take you directly to the information about the family.


Osmanthus fragrans (Tea Olive) in the backyard at the mansion on 5-10-10, #55-50.

This plant was one of several shipped to us while living at the mansion in Mississippi by mistake. It did very well for several years but it died I think in 2012. It flowered several times but all those photos were blurry. The Osmanthus fragrans makes a nice tree for pots as it stays fairly small.


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