Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ (Butterfly Bush)

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 8-7-16, #282-3.

‘White Profusion’ Butterfly Bush

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’

BUD-lee-uh  duh-VID-ee-eye


Synonyms of Buddleja davidii (21) (Updated on 1-15-23 from Plants of the World Online): Buddleja davidii var. alba Rehder & E.H.Wilson (1913), Buddleja davidii var. glabrescens Gagnep. (1912), nom. nud.), Buddleja davidii var. magnifera (E.H.Wilson) Rehder & E.H.Wilson (1913), Buddleja davidii var. nanhoensis (Chitt.) Rehder (1924), Buddleja davidii var. superba (de Corte) Rehder & E.H.Wilson (1913), Buddleja davidii var. veitchiana (H.J.Veitch) Rehder (1914), Buddleja davidii var. wilsonii (E.H.Wilson) Rehder & E.H.Wilson (1913), Buddleja delavayi var. tomentosa H.F.Comber (1934), Buddleja heliophila var. adenophora Hand.-Mazz. (1936), Buddleja shaanxiensis Z.Y.Zhang (1980), Buddleja shimidzuana Nakai (1950), Buddleja striata Zhi Y.Zhang (1996), Buddleja striata var. zhouquensis Z.Y.Zhang (1980)(species not validly publ.), Buddleja variabilis Hemsl. (1889), Buddleja variabilis var. magnifica E.H.Wilson (1905), Buddleja variabilis var. nanhoensis Chitt. (1922), Buddleja variabilis var. superba de Corte (1909), Buddleja variabilis var. veitchiana Veitch (1905), Buddleja variabilis var. veitchiana H.J.Veitch (1903), Buddleja variabilis var. wilsonii E.H.Wilson (1905), Buddleja veitchiana (H.J.Veitch) Anon. (1920)

Buddleja davidii Franch. is the accepted scientific name for this species of Buddleja. It was first named and described by Adrien René Franchet in Nouvelles Archives du Museum d’Histoire Naturelle in 1888.

The genus, Buddleja L., was named and described by Carl von Linnaeus in Species Plantarum in 1753. Dr. William Houston suggested Linneaus name the genus in honor after Reverend Adam Buddle, an English botanist and rector who died in 1715. Dr. Houston sent the first Buddleja plants to England from the Caribbean which came to be known as Buddleja americana.

As of 1-15-23 when this page was last updated, Plants of the World Online lists 113 species in the Buddleja genus. It is a member of the plant family Scrophulariaceae with 60 genera. Those numbers could change as updates are made on POWO.

The Buddleja genus was in the Buddlejaceae family, but that family is no longer recognized by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group. The old family name is still being used by many botanists as one of several families that divide the Lamiales order of plants. The APG says divisions within the group are unsatisfactory and a major revision will probably occur soon…  


Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ shortly after it came in the mail on 5-14-13, #148-7.

I bought my Buddleja ‘White Profusion’ from a seller on Ebay in the spring of 2013. I planted it in the bed I rejuvenated on the south side of the house and it has remained there. Initially, information from the seller said this cultivar would be a smaller cultivar, which is why I bought it. However, it has always grown larger than their initial claims.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ buds on 6-21-17, #156-5.

I have always wanted a few Buddleja’s and ‘White Profusion’ was the first of many more to come. It is a non-stop action plant not only for their continual flowering but for all the life that it feeds. There are always butterflies, hummingbirds, hummingbird moths and other pollinators on their flowers.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ with a butterfly on 7-30-13, #165-21.

Family: Scrophulariaceae
Type: Deciduous shrub
Origin: South-central China, Japan, and Tibet
Zones: USDA Zones 5a-9b (-20-25° F)
Size: 5-6’ tall x 5’6 feet wide
Light: Full sun
Soil: Average well-drained soil
Water: Average
Uses: Great shrub for attracting butterflies & hummingbirds

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 8-8-13, #171-9.

As flowers fade it is a good idea to remove them. This will encourage more flowers right up till frost. Yeah, I know there are a lot, but it is worth it. The above photo was taken shortly after I had removed all the faded flowers. As you can see, it is loaded with new buds.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ flower spike on 8-14-13, #174-5.

Buddleja davidii was named after a French missionary and explorer in China by the name of Father Armand David. He was the first European to report this species. Dr. Augustine Henry found the shrub growing near Ichang around 1887 and sent it to St. Petersburg. A French botanist-missionary, Jean André Soulié, sent seed from this species to Vilmorin, a nursery in France. In 1905 he was captured during the Tibetan revolt and shot. Buddleja davidii entered the market in the 1890’s.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 8-23-13, #178-31.

It stayed relatively short and compact its first year and fit well in the southeast corner of the bed. When winter came, it died back to the ground.


Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 6-1-14, #228-24.

Here in mid-Missouri, the Buddleja’s will die back to the ground if we have a “normal” winter. If we have a mild winter, it may not die back then the bush will get BIGGER than expected. It is recommended for Buddleja’s to be cut back each winter even though they don’t die back. Doing this will make them more vigorous, produce more flowers, and they will keep their shape better.


Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 4-10-15, #237-5

The Buddleja ‘White Profusion’ came back up in the spring of 2015 with no problem and was ready for a new summer of flowers.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ with buds on 6-14-15. The Salvia x sylvestris ‘Mainacht’ in the bottom left of the photo was bought from the same seller on Ebay in 2013. Always the first perennial to come up each spring. Photo #268-7.

The species, Buddleja davidii, was awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit in 1898 and the Award of Garden Merit in 1941.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ flower on 6-27-15, #270-7.

The species can grow to 16 feet in height and there are approximately 180 cultivars available. There are many hybrids between Buddleja davidii between B. globosa and B. fallowiana.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 7-12-15, #271-6.

Even though Buddleja’s are a beautiful plant, this species has been declared a noxious weed in Oregon and Washington. They have naturalized and spread aggressively in parts of the east, southeast, west coast and Hawaii.


Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 8-7-16, #282-3.

Several cultivars of Buddleja davidii hold the RHS Award of Garden Merit including ‘Black Knight’ in 1993, ‘Blue Horizon’ in 2010, ‘Camkeep’ (or ‘Camberwell Beauty’) in 2010, ‘Dartmoor’ in 1993 and reaffirmed in 2010, ‘Daren’t Valley’ in 2012, ‘Monum’ (’Nanho Purple’) in 2002, ‘Monite’ (‘Nanho White’) in 2010, ‘Royal Red’ in 1993 and reaffirmed in 2010 (also received the RHS Award of Merit in 1950), AND ‘White Profusion’ in 1993 and reaffirmed in 2010.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 9-3-16, #286-2.

As I mentioned earlier on this page, if the Buddleja does not die back to the ground over the winter they can get quite large. We had a mild winter and my Buddleja ‘White Profusion’ didn’t die back. SO, to see what would happen, I didn’t cut it back. I didn’t measure it, but as you can see in the above photo taken on September 3, 2017, it was HUGE! It swallowed everything, including the Nandina domestica to the right of it.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ with a Monarch Butterfly on 9-3-16, #286-3.

There are always many butterflies on the Buddleja during the summer months. I have also taken photos of the hummingbird moth several times. When they get this big, deadheading is really a chore!


Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 4-23-17, #321-2-4.

Luckily, it did die back during the 2016-2017 winter so I cut it back to the ground. I would have done that anyway because of the size it reached in 2016.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 5-26-17, #334-5.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ was introduced in 1945 and is still regarded as one of the best and most popular white cultivars.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 6-18-17, #345-7.

Loaded with buds when the above photo was taken and ready to put on a spectacular display of white panicles.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 7-19-17, #357-10.

Looks like it is just about ready for deadheading. Not all the flowers were ready for deadheading at the same time so about once every week I would cut a few off. This always kept the butterflies, hummingbirds, and hummingbird moths busy.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ at 72″ tall x 84″ wide on 8-20-17, #367-5.

While it didn’t grow as huge as it did in 2016, it was around 72″ tall x 84″ wide when this photo was taken in August.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ inflorescence on 9-2-17, #370-4.

The long flower spikes are loaded with LOTS of individual flowers. It was really fascinating watching the hummingbird moths (Snowberry Clearwing Moth-Hemaris diffinis) move about the Buddleja while I was deadheading.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ flowers on 10-22-17, #385-1.

Cooler temps came and the Buddleja ‘White Profusion’ continued flowering right up until a good zap.


Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 5-6-18, #436-12.

Despite the colder than normal winter, the Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ emerged as usual when temps started warming up.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 5-17-18, #443-21.


Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 6-3-18, #452-6.


Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 6-20-18, #461-7.

The Buddleja ‘White Profusion’ continues to grow and do well.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 7-30-18, #488-6.

The above photo is the last one I took of the Buddleja ‘White Profusion’ in 2018. There will be more in 2019.


Buddleja ‘White Profusion’ on 4-22-19, #561-7.

The Buddleja ‘White Profusion’ was waking up from its winter’s rest when I was taking photos on April 22, 2019. It is always good to see the plants come up in the spring.

Buddleja ‘White Profusion’ on 5-1-19, #564-13.

Lingering cool temps kind of kept many perennials from growing well.

Buddleja ‘White Profusion’ on 5-19-19, #575-6.

Looking MUCH better by May 19. I cut out the dead stems from last year so it will look much better. A lot of people remove the dead in the fall, but I prefer to wait until spring.

Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’ on 7-10-19, #599-3.

The Buddleja ‘White Profusion’ is getting LOADED with buds and will soon start its summer show.

I will continue adding more photos and information as time goes by.

To read growing tips for Buddleja click HERE.

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