Zingiberaceae Family:

Alpinia zerumbet on 11-22-12, #130-2.

Zingiberaceae Martinov

The Zingiberaceae Family was named and described by Ivan Ivanovič Martinov in Tekhno-Botanicheskīĭ Slovarʹ in 1820.

As of 1-18-23 when this page was last updated, Plants of the World Online still lists 57 accepted genera in this family. This family is commonly known as the ginger family.

I grew a few members of this family when I lived in Mississippi. You can click on the plant’s name under the photos to go to their own pages.

For more information about this family of plants, please click on the links below. The links take you directly to the information about the family.


Alpinia zerumbet on 10-27-12, #125-2.

I am not sure where to begin… OK, I started out with three Alpina zerumbet (Shell Ginger) shipped by mistake in 2009 when I lived in Mississippi. The labels said they were Lemon Ginger but they turned out to be Shell Ginger. Either way, the lady I was working for didn’t order Lemon Ginger… The seller and I came to an agreement and I wound up ordering more plants that cost an additional $18.00. As it turned out, I really enjoyed the Shell Ginger and they multiplied like crazy. I brought a pot back with me when I moved to Missouri but they didn’t work out. Well, being a Missouri native and not used to gardening in the south, I kept them in pots in Mississippi until 2012 when they would have done just fine in the ground. I came back to Missouri and put what I brought in the ground where I should have kept them in pots. GEEZ!


Curcuma petiolata (Hidden Ginger) on 8-28-12, #117-1.

A good friend of mine and fellow plant collector gave me several Curcuma petiolata (Hidden Ginger) rhizomes in the fall of 2011. They did quite well and bloomed the following August. I left them behind when I moved back to Missouri in 2013…


Hedychium coronarium (Butterfly Ginger) on 9-4-12, #118-2.

The same friend gave me QUITE A FEW Hedychium coronarium (Butterfly Ginger) at the same time as the Hidden Ginger. I put them in an area by the old goldfish pool next to the Hidden Ginger, but soon I had enough to put in other places as well… I didn’t bring any of these with me when I moved either… Different zone…

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