Balsaminaceae Family:

Balsaminaceae A.Rich.

The Balsaminaceae Family was named and described by Achille Richard in Dictionnaire Classique d’Histoire Naturelle in 1822.

The Balsaminaceae Family is commonly referred to as the Balsam family. There are only two accepted genera in this family, Hydrocera and Impatiens. The Hydrocera genus only has one 1 accepted species while the genus Impatiens contains 1,022. The 2013 version of The Plant List (no longer maintained) lists 437 accepted species in the Impatiens genus plus another 18 accepted infraspecific names. It lists a total of 200 synonyms and 744 unresolved names. Since Plants of the World Online lists 1,022 accepted names, someone has been very busy!

For further information on this family of plants, please click on the links below. They take you directly to the page for the family.


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