Using Photos & Posts

I have taken a lot of photos and plan on taking many more. All the photos on my blog were taken by me to show how plants progress and to help others. I have seen a few of my photos on other websites which always makes me smile. I don’t mind if you use my photos for educational but I would like you to mention they are from The Belmont Rooster in a caption (with a URL). Asking permission is always a good idea as well.

I noticed a particular site using MANY other people’s posts as well as two of mine. For me, it is perfectly fine if you want to “re-post” my posts as bloggers do from time to time. HOWEVER, this particular site slightly re-wrote my pos and edited the captions under the photos, and did so without permission. If you want to use my posts, re-blog, re-post, or whatever DO NOT change the wording… It should clearly say “RE-POSTED FROM THE BELMONT ROOSTER.” Photos should also say “Used by permission” with the date you inserted them.

The Belmont Rooster is intended for educational purposes and sharing my experiences. It is an ad-free site and I pay extra so there won’t be advertisements. Any content from this site shared by others should not be used for monetary gain.

The Belmont Rooster is now registered and protected by DMCA.

2 comments on “Using Photos & Posts

  1. Naume G. says:

    It really is frustrating when people do not credit your work, and worse still when they pretend like the work is theirs. Thank you a lot for being willing to share your photos though.

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    • Hello Naume! Very true. I have seen my photos on two websites with no mention of The Belmont Rooster. It is normal to read books, articles, etc. and share what you have learned from others. What you read and experience becomes part of your reality. Everything we do and write about comes from somewhere. We all appreciate being noticed in one way or another. Thanks for the comment!

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