The Belmont Rooster will be a blog, like before, mainly about gardening, the plants I have grown since 2009, life on the farm, healthy living and alternative medicine, GMO’s, etc. You know, the things that interest gardeners and people who try to live a healthy lifestyle. Now, folks, there are a few other topics that I have become interested in lately that I would also like to share with you, mainly to share what I have read. I would kind of like your opinion, too.

I have been gardening for a while now and really enjoy trying new plants. I have my favorites, of course, but I always try to add a few new ones every year. I have gardened in Missouri, Minnesota, California, and Mississippi. I only have photos from Missouri and Mississippi.

I started out in mid-Missouri because that is where I was born. In 1981 I moved to my grandfather’s farm after he passed away. He was my mother’s father. His family was from Pleasant Valley, Oklahoma where they had a farm and grew huge gardens. SO, it as in his blood and I developed my passion for gardening from him. He also enjoyed growing new things, experimenting, growing the biggest and best. He entered many of his vegetables in the state and county fairs. My dad and his parents also enjoyed gardening. My dad always grew a big garden. Anyway, after I moved to grandpa’s farm, I had the perfect opportunity to grow whatever I wanted. I continued growing a garden where he had and built several new flower beds.

I married and moved from the farm in 1987 and until 2007 when we separated, I had very little opportunity to enjoy gardening. I moved to St.Paul, Minnesota and lived with my brother for about a year. He let me do whatever I wanted with the yard. I think maybe he didn’t realize what he was saying and what was about to happen. Minnesota is a very beautiful state and I grew some beautiful plants. My Nasturtiums grew HUGE and I have never been able to grow any like that since. I spent one winter there and that was CRAZY!!!

In May 2008 I went to work for a retiring Holistic doctor in California, Dr. Suzanne M. Skinner. OH, MAN the landscaping there was AWESOME, too! I really enjoyed driving around looking at people’s yards there. She allowed me to have flower beds at her home there, too, and it was great! Well, not as dramatic as in Minnesota, though.

Dr. Skinner had bought a mansion (really a HUGE house, but we call it a mansion) in Mississippi. Even though she passed away on March 31, 2009, I stayed there until February 2013 when I moved back to the farm in mid-Missouri. The page titled “The Mystical Mansion and Garden” is about the mansion and the yard there… I have not finished it yet…

SO, this blog is mainly about the plants I have grown and my experiences with them. I take a lot of photos because you never know what will happen from day to day. We have a few cows and chickens and plenty of cats. Mom passed away in November 2015, so it is just dad and me now… Dad is 86, so he is enjoying his time watching TV, relaxing and smoking his Falcon pipe.

There will be a growing list of 400 PLUS plant pages in the column to the right… It is for all the plants I have had experience with since 2009, although some have been short-lived… SO, I hope you enjoy the blog and I look forward to having you as a follower. I will be sure to follow back. I will do my best to read your posts and comment and “like” as well. I am looking forward to your comments, too.

SO, enjoy, take care, be happy, healthy, prosperous and… GET DIRTY!


2 comments on “HELLO FOLKS!

  1. I agree with your sentiments, I also try to live the good life, do organic gardening and try not to go to the doctor either. I just go there to show that I’m still alive. I’ve reached the grand age of 70 and intend to garden for many more years yet.

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    • That’s AWESOME! I take dad to the doctors for his check-ups and lately the doctor has been asking how I am doing. I always tell her I am fine. I know she would love to give me a check-up. LOL! I know at my age I should probably, maybe, have some kind of check-up. I always used to do most of my own cooking and eat pretty well, but lately dad and I both have a new bad habit I hate to admit… Sonic is right around the corner. YIKES! In the last blogs I promoted no GMO’s, now what am I doing? GEEZ! Thanks for the comment, Helen!


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