Families of Familiar Plants:

When I first started blogging, I listed plants I have grown by their type. That became difficult because plants that are grown here in mid-Missouri as annuals are perennials in other areas. What are considered houseplants here are perennials or tropicals somewhere else. So, I decided to list by family name.

Most of the plants on the list are those that I have had the privilege of growing either here on the farm or when I lived at the mansion in Leland, Mississippi. There are wildflowers and other plants growing on the farm and also a few from the Farrington Park next to the farm. There are also a few plants on the list that belong to other people.

Many scientific names have changed since I first started blogging in 2009. It has been a very interesting journey for sure, and I enjoy sharing my experiences with you on my blog.

Us bloggers enjoy sharing, so be sure to leave something behind on any blog post from any blog you visit. Leave something behind such as a “like” or comment. We really appreciate it and it helps us stay motivated.

I try to include my experiences with the plant as well as links for further reading. If you notice I have made a mistake in some way or any of the links don’t work, PLEASE let me know.

I would like to thank the many people who work very hard on various websites that have provided me with much of the information I pass along to you.

The following are the main websites, in alphabetical order, I use for research. Other websites I find that may be helpful for you are included on page by page basis. If you know of other websites that may be of interest to others, please share them in the comments so I can add them to the page.

Dave’s Garden
International Crassulaceae Network
Llifle (Encyclopedia of Living Forms)
Missouri Botanical Garden
Royal Botanic Gardens
The International Plant Names Index
Plants of the World Online by Kew
The Plant List (no longer maintained)

The Plant List used to the first site I visited when doing name research. I would cross reference the scientific names with other sites such as Llifle (Encyclopedia of Living Forms) and GRIN (Germplasm Resources Information Network-USDA). Usually, they were in agreement, but sometimes it was frustrating. In January 2016, when I started The Belmont Rooster for the third time, I noticed something was whacky with The Plant List. It hadn’t been updated since 2013 and Llifle, the CactusGuide, SucculentGuide, Tropicos, Dave’s Garden, etc. were being updated. Names had changed but not on The Plant List. Finally, I sent an email to the editors. I received a reply from a man from Kew that informed me that The Plant List was no longer maintained.  Thank goodness he gave me a link to the NEW Plants of the World Online, maintained by Kew. The site is new so they are still uploading data but most names I research are already updated. I access IPNI from each page for information about the author and the date the plant was named and where. Before, when I used The Plant List, I accessed Tropicos for the same information. I still use The Plant List and Tropicos for certain information the new site doesn’t provide. Tropicos, by the way, is a division of The Missouri Botanical Garden. The Plant List was a joint venture between The Missouri Botanical Garden and the Royal Botanic Garden-Kew and many other contributors. From The Plant List, you can access many other useful websites for other information. Plants of the World Online has photos and I have been in correspondence with a member of Kew to use any photos of mine they wish.

Llifle (Encyclopedia of Living Forms) is another website I use, mainly to research cactus and succulents. They not only have a lot of information on most species, but also photos. I have offered photos but have had no results uploading and have not received any replies…

In 2013, I was given the name of an amazing Crassulaceae expert, Margrit Bischofberger, of the International Crassulaceae Network. I had some issues properly identifying several succulents and she was a great help. The industry has a way of using incorrect scientific names and non-registered cultivar names which can be very confusing. She asked for photos and the names of all my plants in the Crassulaceae family so she could properly identify them. The results were astounding! I was so surprised and that’s when I first realized the issues between the industry and correct scientific names. SO, I have always endeavored to point out correct names in relation to mislabeled names. You will find a few of my photos on her website. OH, she also sent a couple of photos of her collection in her greenhouse. She said, “for your eyes only”. It was such a treat and I have always honored her wishes. She was an older lady from Switzerland or Sweden, I forgot which, and the last several emails I sent to her have had no reply…

Also, in 2013, I found Daiv Freeman and his two AWESOME websites, CactusGuide.com and SucculentGuide.com. He has a lot of very useful information, very up to date, with a lot of photos. I have sent him many photos for ID and he has always replied with an accurate answer. I highly recommend visiting his sites!

Type in just about any plant name and you will find links to an article on the Wikipedia. It is a site that uses no advertisements so once in a while they ask for donations. That was the founders’ goal and one he has stuck with since the beginning. Information provided through Wikipedia are from experts and very reliable.

The Missouri Botanical Garden website has a wealth of information. Their Plant Finder lists every plant they grow at their AWESOME botanical garden in St. Louis, Missouri. Just type in the name of what plant you are researching on your browser and if they have it, a link to their page will lead you to their page for that plant. They provide useful growing tips and other information about each plant.

If you want to dive really deep, visit the Angiosperm Phylogeny Website, version 13…

Well, I better stop writing on this page and get back to work… I hope you enjoy my tributes to all the plant companions I have had the privilege of growing, have grown, and have met along my journey. If you have read this page, please click on the “Like” below. I would prefer you leave a comment, but if you are like me, sometimes you can’t think of what to say. 🙂


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