Asphodelaceae Family:

Asphodelaceae Juss.


The plant family Asphodelaceae was named and described by Antoine Laurent de Jussieu in Genera Plantarum in 1789.

Plants of the World Online lists 40 accepted genera in the Asphodelaceae Family (as of 1/27/21 when I updated this page)). Many genera were formerly placed in other families. It is all weird to me because the Asphodelaceae Family was named in 1789 but information suggests the name Xanthorrhoeaceae was used for the family until the reclassification by the APG IV system in 2016. The Xanthorrhoeaceae Family was named in 1829. Then there was the Cronquist system in 1981 which had its own difficulties. I think the new system uses facts based on testing plus they make a few compromises to make others happy.

Many genera were in other families since I first started blogging in 2009… For example, the Aloe (etc.) were in the Aloaceae Family which was named in 1802… It is quite interesting to do name research and find out how many genera have been moved in and out of multiple families over the years… Possibly they were members of several families at the same time depending on what books or websites you were reading and ther sources of information. Even though it is QUITE confusing, getting the genus and species names and what families they belong to settled once and for all will be a good thing. But, not everyone will accept the changes. In my opinion, they could have left… OK, I won’t give an opinion. BUT, there were, and still are, many names for the same plants that have to be figured out. Polygenetic testing, or whatever you call it, will accomplish this even though they completely screw the whole name thing up. OK, I gave an opinion now it is added to my Karma.

Well, it’s complicated. The link below to the article in Wikipedia explains it all in great detail. Just be prepared to get a headache.

For further information on this family of plants, please click on the links below. They take you directly to the page for the family.


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