Salvia greggii ‘SallyG™ Groovy Magenta’-Autumn Sage

Salvia greggii ‘SallyG™ Groovy Magenta’ on 5-1-12, #88-2.

‘Groovy Magenta’ Autumn Sage

Salvia greggii ‘Groovy Magenta’

SAL-vee-uh GREG-ee-eye

Salvia greggii A.Gray is the correct and accepted scientific name for this species of Salvia. It was named and described by Asa Gray in Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1870.

Asa Gray was considered the most important American botanist of the 19th century.

Salvia greggii is native to Texas and northeast Mexico.


Salvia greggii ‘SallyG™ Groovy Magenta’ on 6-8-12, #97-9.

I bought this Salvia greggii ‘SallyG™ Groovy Magenta’ from Pleasant Acres Nursery in Leland, Mississippi in 2012 while living at the mansion. When I did my initial research for my first blog, there was much more information about this cultivar than now. It is like it disappeared from existence. Well, out with the old and in with the new, huh?


Salvia greggii ‘SallyG™ Groovy Magenta’ on 6-11-12, #99-46.


Family: Lamiaceae
Origin: The species is native to Texas and Northeast Mexico.
Zones: USDA Zones 5a-11? 
Size: 18-24” tall
Light: Sun to part shade
Soil: Average, well-drained soil
Water: Average water needs


Salvia greggii ‘SallyG™ Groovy Magenta’ on 10-11-12, #121-14.

The Salvia greggii ‘SallyG™ Groovy Magenta’ was a very good performer in the backyard where it received pretty much full sun most of the season. That is until the plants in the garden grew taller.

Salvia greggii grow well in sun to part shade but flower best in more sun. They like a well-drained soil and are drought tolerant but appreciate regular watering. They also produce more flowers if the soil is fairly moist.

Salvia greggii is enjoyed by hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees and they will flower right up to frost. In areas where you don’t get a frost, they will flower until cooler weather and decreasing daylength slows them down.

Although a perennial, if they die back during the winter they may not return in the spring. Dead stems of Salvia greggii and other species of Salvia should not be removed until new growth emerges in the spring.


Salvia greggii ‘SallyG™ Groovy Magenta’ on 10-27-12, #125-11.

I enjoyed growing this Salvia cultivar but it is unlikely I will be buying another one since it seems obsolete. There are MANY cultivars of Salvia greggii available to choose from including a few with white flowers.

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