Yesterday afternoon (Thursday) I decided to start pulling chickweed out of the flower bed on the south side of the house. I was very pleasantly surprised to see a sign of life next to the old stems of the Phlomis ‘Edward Bowles’. I thought is was completely dead! I bought this plant from an Ebay seller in the spring of 2013 and it quickly became one of my favorite plants. Last year it was super nice but I had it covered with a large flower pot with leaves inside all winter. If it was going to be warm I uncovered it and then covered it back up at night. It didn’t seem to really go completely dormant which I thought was a little strange. This past winter I didn’t cover it at all. That will NOT happen again!

I noticed this cactus that overwinters here had a few buds a few weeks ago. Then yesterday I noticed it ding this. How strange is that?!?!?! I still need to find out it’s name. How many thousands of photos will I have to look at? I guess I better share this photo to a few groups on Facebook. They are good about identifying.

I found a perfect spot for my new Sempervivum Hybrid ‘Killer’. It was screaming to get out of the pot. Now it is happy it can stretch out a bit.

Well, that’t it for this post even though it is a day late… Just think of this as yesterday’s post. Take care, God Bless. Be happy, healthy and prosperous. But most of all, GET DIRTY!!!

5 comments on “THE PHLOMIS IS ALIVE!!!

  1. Eat the chickweed, It’s really good for you! Enjoying your blog!


    • Honestly, every time I have massive amounts of chickweed, like every spring, I wonder about that. I know it is good for you but how? So, what do i do, just stick a handful in my mouth and hope for the best? I have used chickweed salve before and it worked great. Enjoying your posts, too! Thanks for the comment!


      • Hey there, Yes, you can just reach for a handful and eat it ( I’ve been known to do this!) or you can collect it, rinse if necessary and put it into a salad. This is how I most often eat chickweed ( I do tincture it and also make a chickweed oil). I’ve never cooked it, always eaten it fresh…it tastes a bit spinachy, quite nice and mild. Chickweed contains saponins and some caution eating too much…this would be a WHOLE lot to be bothersome.Saponins are actually known to help fight infection, also keeps our immune system and protects against virus and bacteria. Chickweed cools, draws, and dissolves. These are its major attributes. I don’t eat gallons of chickweed on a daily basis and don’t worry at all. It is highly nutritious, very high in chlorophyll and also minerals…lots of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron…very high in vitamin C, also A ( from carotene) and B. Hope this is helpful, seems too bad to just chuck such a healthy plant, yes? I am enjoying your blog as well…glad to connect! Denise


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