Hello everyone! I had a surprise when I went to get the cows from the back pasture on Thursday. July had a new heifer, which is her second calf. I didn’t have my camera with me then. The other cows went through the gate to go to the front pasture for the evening. July and her calf stayed behind because the calf was just born and wasn’t ready. If I had known she had the calf I would have left the rest of the cows back there. The calf was OK except for one thing… It’s left eye was white so it will be blind in that eye.

After maybe an hour or so I decided to go back and check on them. The other cows saw me heading for the gate so they came along, too. That was new… Well, I suppose it was a new circumstance for them because I don’t normally go to the back pasture that time of day. Seems it wouldn’t matter where I went they would want to come along. This time I took the camera..

To bad this photo is a little blurry. She just walked right up to and fell to her knees.  She liked being rubbed and scratched behind the ears. OH, I see trouble coming already!!! She likes attention like her mother and grandmother and she is just born!

The second calf, the bull, was born on April 3.

The first calf, a heifer, that was born on March 31 is doing very well, too. She is  camera shy so she is always getting in front of her mother when I get the camera out.

I am glad we used a Hereford so all the calves will come out different. That was it is easier to tell them apart. It is hard to tell one from the other when they all look alike. I have to look for distinguishing characteristics, like personality or make a white spot somewhere to tell them apart. July and her mother are both like pets, but they both have a larger navel, July’s is big than her mother. That’s how I knew she had the 3rd calf.

Well, that’s it for this post. I have a couple more to add. I intended to post this sooner but one thing led to another and i didn’t get it done. Now I have to catch up.

I hope everyone is doing well! God bless! Be happy, healthy and prosperous! Don’t forget to take time to smell the flowers and GET DIRTY!!!

4 comments on “#3, IT’S A HEIFER!

  1. Jim R says:

    Congratulations! I hope they do well. Kind of amusing how the herd was so curious about your return to the pasture. They all wondered what was up.

    We have had a few really nice days lately. Time for me to get some plants into the garden patch. It is small with only room for some tomatoes and basil this year. Last year, our tomato crop was small. We need more to stock up our freezer. I will be getting dirty.


    • Jim, glad you are getting dirty! I tell you, I seem to struggle with tomatoes. I love them but finding the best ones to grow is very difficult. Dad always wants ‘Beefsteak’ but they are not on my list at all. Last year I bought the ‘Beefsteak’ for dad like always and we were really disappointed. ‘Beefsteak’ is an indeterminate type but what I bought were labeled wrong and turned out to be some variety of determinate tomato. They only grew so tall, produced their share and that was that. Not very good at all. I also grew ‘Goliath’ and they did very well. I like to grow different varieties so give them a try. Some do better in certain parts of the country. Years ago I planted several varieties that were developed my the University of Missouri. That did GREAT but I can’t find them now. Remember Mocross Supreme? Thanks for the comment!


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