NEW Shade Bed!

I did this little project on April 25 but just now had time to make the post. It is a good thing I made the bed when I did because it has been raining every since.

Believe it or not this entire area was where I had a really nice flower bed back in the early 1980’s. The concrete deal is where my grandmother had goldfish. I made a new top for it back then because the old one rotted. I am not sure if that is the same top or not, though. The pool had a crack in it about half way down so I took the goldfish out one winter. Umm… I had tropical fish in a 29 gallon aquarium until I bought a Kribensis Cichlid and that was the end of the rest of the fish. SO, I thought I would put the goldfish in with him. He was a small guy and the goldfish were much bigger. Well, I was busy back then in the hatchery business and algae took over the sides of the tank to where I could barely see inside. Next thing I know, there aren’t any goldfish left.

Where was I? Oh, yeah… I made a brick sidewalk all around the pool and had a flower bed all the way around. The fence around the chicken yard was about where the rock is and a fence around the garden past where the tree is on the right. My Hosta bed is above where the pool is. You will see in a minute…

First, I had to dig up the whole area. NO, I didn’t double dig, just one scoop down was enough. Usually I put all the dirt in the wheelbarrow and mix it up with the “GOOD STUFF” after it gets so full then dump it where I dug. That was kind of my idea at first, but I changed my mind. When i dig for a flower bed, I take one scoop at a time and remove all the grass, weeds and roots and put them aside to fill up holes in the yard. The soil I am going to use stays in the wheelbarrow until it gets full. This time, I put all the dirt back in the bed and smoothed it all out.

Then comes the “GOOD STUFF”. I broke up all he clumps and dumped it in the bed then mixed it all up with the soil.

Oh, yeah, one of the Old English Bantam hens was helping the whole time…

Then I placed the Hosta and Heuchera where I wanted them. The Leptinella squallida ‘Platt’s Black’ is in the left corner in front of the tree. Now you can see where the other Hosta bed is. There is a concrete slab on the other side of the other bed where an old shed used to be.

After I had all the plants in their place I put the Caladium ‘John Peed’ bulbs here and there. The bag said 6 or 8 bulbs, I forget which, but there were 15. Some of them didn’t look so good so we will just see how many come up.

I let the chickens out of their house since I was going to be outside for a while… I made sure the other two Old English Game Bantam roosters were in their pen so #1 wouldn’t be fighting… BUT….

The bigger chickens always stay close to the chicken house, not going more than 40′ feet away so far. The bantams always run to the back yard, close to where I was making the new bed. Well, #3, the rooster that is always outside, decided he would go have some fun with the Deputy (the White Chantecler rooster). The Sheriff was on the other side of the chicken house. Anyway, I had to stop what I was doing and go break up the fight. This was the second time they had been in a fight. the first time, the Deputy threw #3 out of the chicken house. It is so funny to watch the bantam roosters fight. They are so small and quick they confuse the big roosters. One kick from the bigger ones and the little guys go flying but they are back for more in a second.

I know them fighting is “inhumane” (GEEZ!) but this kind of entertainment is probably the oldest sport on the planet. Hunters used to take wild jungle fowl roosters back home and put them in cages and then let them out and watch them fight. They put the hens in cages for eggs.

One more photo… The Salvia nemorosa ‘Mainacht’ (‘May Night’) is looking very well. Next target bed is on the south side of the house. Let’s see what I can do there…

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoy this post. Maybe you can find a problem area for a new bed.

Take care, stay happy, healthy, prosperous and GET DIRTY!!!

10 comments on “NEW Shade Bed!

  1. Jim R says:

    That looks like a nice bed. Good that you had the ‘helper’ to make sure the ‘good stuff’ was spread properly.


    • Jim R says:

      I saw some parts of MO had 6-8″ of rain. I hope you didn’t get that much. We had about ¾”.


      • Jim, you mean you only had 3/4″?!?!?! Seriously, I am not sure exactly how much we had. I think for sure maybe over 5. Well, it rained and I dumped the gauge out but don’t remember how much was in it. Then it was almost 4″ and dad dumped it out because the rain drops were bouncing out. Now there is another 1 1/2″. It didn’t rain on Tuesday so I spent the afternoon mowing. Somehow there has been water in the chicken house. I think it is coming from the crack in the floor. That hasn’t happened before. More rain to come. Thanks for the comment!


        • Jim R says:

          That sounds like a big mess for you folks down there. I know a guy in Joplin who watched a tree float by his house in a nearby stream. And today it is raining more. What have you done to deserve it? It is sunny and nice here in Iowa.


          • Trust me, I am not complaining about the rain. We needed it actually and we aren’t having any flooding around here. Filling up the ponds and giving rain for pastures and hayfields and the crops already planted. But it is bad for where there has been a lot of flooding.

            Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. Yes, she was making sure she didn’t miss any bugs.


  2. robertcday says:

    Nice little project – well done. 🙂 You’re really into your gardening aren’t you – not to mention creature baiting. The wife keeps saying she’d like chickens in the back yard, but I keep reminding her about the foxes living two doors down. Having said that, I haven’t seen them yet this year so I wonder what’s happening there.
    Anyhoo – keep up the good work – nice blog!
    Kindness – Robert.


    • Well, the fox is a sneaky one for sure. I keep our chickens shut up unless I am outside or in and out. The first chicks i bought last year were fine until I put them outside in a coop. I wanted them to get used to being outside sooner than before. One afternoon I was later than usual to go shut the coop and when i went out there were dead chickens laying all around. There was a fox in the coop. He killed all but a Delaware rooster and six Old English Game Bantams. SO, I had to reorder. If you buy chickens you have to make sure there is a good fence or pen. The chickens will alert you if something strange comes around, but fox and coyote are very clever and the chickens won’t even notice when they are right next to them sometime. When the chickens start pecking the ground and have their heads down, they will sneak in. Then when they raise their heads up they will stop and be as still as a statute. They prefer to attack them when they are in a coop or a chicken house. Coyote’s will grab one and run with it but a fox will kill as many as he can and take them off one at a time… Bantams, like our Old English, are very sharp, alert and quick. I think it would be almost impossible for them to get caught, especially if they are outside. Thanks for the comment.

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  3. You’re definitely way ahead of me on the gardening front. Your shade bed looks nice. I’m hoping to get to mine in the next few weeks. At least that’s the grand plan.


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