A Beautiful Sunny Saturday!

Hello! This morning when I went to the chicken house all three White Chantecler hens were in a nest. The other hen is a black sex-link. The White Chantecler’s are very gentle and always just sit there without pecking. Except this morning. One got a little upset, pecked me a few times and ran off squawking.

Then I went into the bantam’s pen and Clara was complaining. She started screaming at me before I even got close… What does it mean when a hen is screaming and singing both? She would not explain herself. There was an egg in the nest but she was acting like she wanted to lay hers on the perch. She has done that twice before. I think maybe she was upset because one of the other hens laid theirs before her. I told her she better get in the nest and lay her egg or it could fall on the floor and break. Weird…

I decided this afternoon would be a good day to start taking the plants back outside. Some of them don’t look so well, but hopefully the fresh air and sunshine will help. I have learned that some succulents do better in the basement where it is cool over the winter, with hardly any water or light. I know that sounds crazy but being where it is warm and low light makes their leaves stretch to get light. Some are winter dormant anyway so they do very well in the basement. This winter I had them all in my bedroom window or the kitchen window. The cactus did well, but not the succulents.

The bigger Alocasia are still in the basement along with the Bromeliad. Maybe tomorrow I can get them outside. I am also still waiting for the soil temp to warm up more so I can plant the Colocasia esculenta. I am debating the thought of transplanting a few of the smaller Alocasia in the ground, too. Sounds like a good idea. Wonder what they will do when their roots aren’t confined?

Some of you may remember how many plants I used to have… Starting over is going to be hard because I remember how it used to be. Some cannot be replaced because of the sentimental value. But, maybe I had to many anyway. I can’t believe I just said that!!! To many plants?

SERIOUSLY! I am almost ashamed to put this photo of the Kalanchoe x laetivirens (Mother-of-Thousands) on here. This is the second one I have had, and I will tell you, this one is NUTS. Maybe all her kids are driving her nuts (and me along with her). The first one had long, wide leaves just like this one did in the beginning. This one started growing tall and skinny late last summer. The first one didn’t do this… I guess the poor light may have contributed some… I could have had the blind open more but the light puts a glare on my computer. Lame excuse, maybe, but it is my reason. OK, OK… Live and learn. Next winter I will do things a little different.

Yes, Coop Cat is still alive and well. Several cats have died since I moved back here but the most healthy are alive and well. Coop Cat never let anyone touch her except mom. She tolerates me and allowed this photo because she was asleep at first. I think she is a nice looking cat and she never causes any problems.

I let the chickens out this afternoon and they sure enjoyed themselves. They really like it in the area behind the chicken house. I don’t let them out unless I am going to be close by because you never know… The foxes are near and they don’t just come out at night, you know… If they come, they will wait where they can’t be noticed. Then maybe they will get impatient for them to go to the chicken house so they will come out to be noticed. Then when the chickens run to the chicken house they will be right where he wants them. I watched a video on YouTube where there was a camera in the chicken house. The fox went in the chicken house and killed all the chickens within a few minutes then he carried them off one by one.

I remember watching a coyote in the early 1980’s from the back yard. I had close to 300 Brown Leghorns which are very alert and active. They would range a little way up in the pasture with no thought to any kind of danger. Well, one afternoon I noticed a coyote watching the chickens from top of the hill like he was making a plan. Then it started walking toward the chickens ever so slowly… When the chickens would look down and start pecking the ground the coyote would walk toward them. When they looked up, he would stop. Then when they started pecking again he would come a little farther. I am not kidding you, the coyote walked right through the chickens all the way into the chicken house and grabbed a hen off the nest. It took him at least an hour to get that hen. I stood there amazed as I watched the coyote have that much patience and decided he deserved the hen. Well, I had plenty and would eventually have to get rid of them anyway.

Ummm…. Please don’t laugh at these next two photos.

Well, yep. It is one of those “WELL”  moments. Kind of leaves me speechless every time I go to the chicken house and look over at the Equisetum hyemale. Umm… I first dug my Horsetail out of a yard in Leland, Mississippi in 2010 when I lived at the mansion. Now, let me go back just a minute. When I moved to St.Paul, Minnesota with my brother in 2007 he had a few sprigs growing in one of his flower beds. That was my first encounter with Horsetail. THEN when I moved to Mississippi I experienced them in a whole different way. I kept mine in a pot from 2010 until the spring of 2014. Now, I will be honest with you (but you can’t commit me because I am making a confession). I thought Horsetail was one of the most AWESOME plants I ever met… SERIOUSLY, what kind of plant can survive for millions of years? That in itself is AMAZING! Since the pot was getting kind of crowded I decided to put the Horsetail in the ground in front of the chicken house. I have a friend in Mississippi who is a great gardener and she has had her back yard featured in Southern Living Magazine. She was telling me how she hated Horsetail… She did everything for years to get rid of it and never succeeded. It even started coming up on the other side of a ditch running through her yard. I told her that not only do they spread by roots, but also by spores. I showed her the top of some of hers (the deal that looks like a cone) and told her they will burst and send out spores. She said, “Well, I declare.”

I told dad when I transplanted these in the bed that they would spread. he said, “That’s OK. Just mow them off.” They did OK in 2014 and survived two winters but they really never spread much. They just stayed in that one spot. This spring has been a different story. I cleaned out the chickweed this afternoon. The horses have gotten out!!!

I found this toad in the chickweed and told him about the the horses getting out. He looked over at them and looked back at me. All he said was, “Yep.” This toad isn’t much of a talker. I think I woke him up from a nap.

That’s it for now. I ran out of photos and stories for now. I hope you have been getting your hands in the dirt and enjoyed getting out with nature. We have been having plenty of rain so it was nice being outside for a while. So many people live in the cities or somewhere they can’t get out and enjoy nature. You know, to me, part of being happy is getting my hands in the dirt and growing plants.

Maybe President Trump should go take a walk with the North Korean president in a forest over there. Have him show President Trump some of the most beautiful places in North Korea. Then go to the poorest communities there are see the poverty… Would it make them stop and think about what they are doing? Both of them are grown men acting like little kids wanting to blow each other up. Just think of all the MILLIONS, BILLIONS of dollars spent on weapons of mass destruction that could be used for the poor and hungry and preserving our environment.

The truth is, folks, it isn’t our presidents that pay the price for their foolishness. It is the people and the environment. They know what they are doing. Why do you think Russia and the US have so many nuclear weapons? It has not one thing to do with a threat to one another. Do you realize that their weapons build up started after both countries went to the moon?

OH, I better stop before I get on a roll!!! Save it for another post…

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoy writing it and taking photos. See you soon!!! Take care, God Bless, be happy, healthy, prosperous and GET DIRTY whenever and as much as possible! Dirt is good for you! 🙂

2 comments on “A Beautiful Sunny Saturday!

  1. Jim R says:

    Perhaps you can get Mr. Toad to share some brief words with trump.


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