When I got up to make my coffee this morning the cows were at the pond looking toward the house. It was like they were saying, “BREAK THE ICE, ALREADY!”. I am pretty sure that’s what they were saying. SO, I made my coffee, took a few sips, and went out to the pond then to the chicken house.

The cows hardly wanted to wait for me to get enough ice broke before they dove in, nearly pushing me out of the way. The chickens also gathered around the bucket to get a drink. Well, I have never been an early morning person because I don’t like going to bed at night. I do wake up early but I go back to sleep. My alarm is set for 7 AM, which I turn off and go back to sleep. I often wondered why I set my alarm if I am just going to turn it off and go back to sleep.

I always remember the old saying, “The Early Bird Gets The Worm.” Well, I always say I do what I should be getting up early to do before I go to bed. That is all well and good, but in the winter I have to consider the livestock and the fact that they don’t have water to drink until I get up and break the ice or fill their buckets. SO, OK… I guess I will have to get up when the alarm goes off and take care of that.

Somehow I need to slide back, go to bed earlier, and then get up earlier. I have been listening to various sleep music and meditation on YouTube to help put me to sleep at night. It does work, believe it or not, especially two in particular. The problem is, I don’t start listening to them until… Um… 2-3 AM. Sometimes even later than that. Going to bed to me is a waste of time when I just lay there, tossing and turning. So much on my mind, it seems. SO, I have been told, “When you go to bed, stop thinking.” When they can’t sleep at night I remind them (not to mention names, here), of what they said. I just get a dirty look.

Well, that is easier said than done. Meditation helps especially when the person talking is telling me I have control over my body and mind. Take deep breaths like so and clear your mind of all thoughts. One night I was listening to this guy on YouTube and he was telling me how to breathe and then he said he was going to talk to my body while I was sleeping. Then he got quiet for a couple of minutes while the soft music was playing. I was trying to relax, but some part of my body was always itching, or there was some pain. Then he started whispering… I thought, “OH, this guy is NUTS!” After a few seconds, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until the alarm went off. He was still whispering…

Well, now that I have had about half of my coffee, I am telling my body and mind that I am wide awake. I guess I am supposed to look out the window, with the sun shining so bright, and tell myself that it isn’t 10 degrees out there.

Time to go to work, now. Take care and I hope you have a GREAT and BLESSED DAY!


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