We have been very fortunate not to have had much snow so far this winter. We did have a cold snap a couple of weeks ago, but we always survive and it always warms up again. We just have to change our routine and I need to go to the chicken house and dump the water after the chickens go to roost and give them fresh water early the next morning. Then I have to go and break the ice on the pond so the cows will be able to drink.


This is what it looked like when I went outside this morning. Not too bad, though and it could be MUCH worse.



This photo is of the Old English Game bantams. They are six months old now and one of the pullets started laying a couple of weeks ago. The chickens in the back pen have the run of the back pen and the whole other half of the chicken house. They aren’t used to me wearing my coat yet, so they all ran into the back pen where they roost. They are Delaware’s, Black Sex-Link, and 4 White Chantecler’s.

We bought the first batch of chickens in July then when they were old enough I put them in a coop outside so they could run around outside. Normally we keep the chickens inside the house, but I knew they would be better off outside free-ranging. They did very well for a while. In the late afternoon, I would go out and make sure they went in the coop so I could shut the door for the night. Then one day, I was a little later… I went out and there were dead chickens laying in front of the coop and there was a fox in the coop. The fox killed them all but six Old English Game Bantams (3 roosters and 3 pullets) and one Delaware rooster. SO, we had to start over again but we didn’t buy any more bantams. Live and learn.



The pond was frozen over so I needed to break the ice so the cows could have water. The ice wasn’t very thick and they could have probably broken it themselves this time.



They always appreciate a little help, though.



The cows were in the hayfield grazing but they headed for the pond when they saw me.



With that finished it is time to head to the house and warm up…

I hope you stay warm this winter and are making plans for spring when you can get your hands in the dirt and start gardening again. Take care and God Bless You!

3 comments on “SNOW AGAIN!

  1. katechiconi says:

    Good to see you back, Lonnie. I wondered how you were getting along!


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