Where Do I Begin…AGAIN?


Twice before I have started blogging and added pages to all the plants I am growing and have grown. NOW, I have to start all over once more. Luckily, I saved most of the pages and I certainly still have all the photos since 2009. It is just taking the time to add them again. SO, just bear with me. It is a good thing most of you are just interested in posts, which I can easily do. 🙂

But as I go along adding the plant pages, I will have to continually check and make sure the botanical names are still correct. This should be interesting because I haven’t checked for a while except for the new plants I added this year. That was really fun! Hmmm… A new post for each new plant…

I did grow white sweet potatoes this year, which was REALLY interesting. Believe it or not, in all my years of gardening, I had never grown sweet potatoes. I think it was because I knew they would want to take over a very large space. OK, better stop because I feel a new post coming on…

I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago who specializes in cactus and succulents and they had to move their plants inside. I had already done that the first part of November. Suddenly I remembered I had left a cactus in the ground I had acquired in the spring. I was told it was one that is supposed to survive the winters here in the ground. Well, I immediately went outdoes with a flashlight to see if it was OK. To my surprise, even though the temps had dropped to zero, this cactus was still alive and very well… Well, It was from an Amish that I frequently traded plants with who owns Wagler’s Greenhouse. Unfortunately, she didn’t know the name like so many others she has. But it isn’t a Prickly Pear, which also survives outside here.

This spring my sister wanted to come and go to the greenhouses here. I only knew of one and she said there was another one. I investigated and found out that there are four! SO, she came down from the city and we went to three. OF course, we bought plants from all of them. Earlier I had bought a Kalanchoe lucia (Propellor Plant) from Wal-Mart. Mast’s Greenhouse had these HUGE succulents that they had labeled “Propellor Plant. Well, they were AWESOME but they certainly weren’t like the one I had already bought. Turns out they are a species or some hybrid Echeveria. OH, NOW another post coming on…

Well, it is 10:42 PM and I feel another sleepless night coming on. Talk to you soon! Take care and try to find some way to get outside in the cold and get some dirt under your nails… In the daytime.


4 comments on “Where Do I Begin…AGAIN?

  1. katechiconi says:

    Lonnie, you really must get some sleep! But it’s great that you’ve started to rebuild your succulent collection, because you have such a lot of knowledge on the subject to share with everyone, and your galleries and categories are a valuable resource. Stay warm and safe in that cold northern Hemisphere winter.


    • Sleep? Yeah, I know. I do know the definition. I will eventually get the blog and my plant collection built again. But sometimes I wonder if I will have to give it all up AGAIN, so what’s the point… I guess I shouldn’t think that way and just stay positive and do it. We are staying warm, and it was the 60’s today but another cold front is coming. Typical winter. Thanks for the comment.

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  2. Robbie says:

    Lonnie-your collection of plants reminds me of a what a “fine-collector ” of rare and exotic plants would look like, and I am so glad you are blogging again for I always enjoyed your stories about plants!


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