Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’-Louisiana Iris

Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’ on 4-20-10, #51-6.

Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’
Iris fulva x Iris brevicaulis x Iris giganticaerulea

Iris x violipurpurea Small is the correct and accepted scientific name for this naturally occurring hybrid. It was first described as such by John Kunkel Small in Addisonia in 1929.

Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’ was developed my Frank Chowning in 1978. It has won numerous awards: American Iris Society Honorable Mention 1982, Award of Merit 1986, Mary Swords Runner-up in 1988 and the winner in 1989.

Species of Louisiana Iris include: Iris fulva, Iris hexagona, Iris brevicaulis, Iris giganticaerulea, Iris nelsonii and Iris savannarum.

Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’ on 4-20-19, #51-7

I bought my Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’ rhizomes from an Ebay seller in 2009. They flowered in 2010 and the flowers were AWESOME! I bought them with me when I moved from the mansion back to the family farm in mid-Missouri in February 2013.

Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’ on 4-15-12, #86-46.

I dug a spot between the basement steps and the back porch, amended the soil with composted cow manure. They have survived, but haven’t done as well as they can so I am thinking about relocating them.

FAMILY: Iridaceae
ORIGIN: Hybrid of 3 species of Louisiana Iris.
ZONES: USDA Zones 6a-10b
HEIGHT: 2-5’
LIGHT: Full sun to part shade
WATER: Prefers moist soil, even will grow in up to 4” of water. Also drought tolerant once established.

Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’ on 5-29-17, #337-1.

The American Iris Society’s page about Iris violipurpurea.

I will continue adding more photos and information as long as this beautiful Iris survives. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, I would like to hear from you.

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