Calf #6, A Bull, Plus Two Old Farts

Hello folks! This one is a few days late AGAIN, but even so, we finally had our second bull calf on May 25. I came home from town and dad said he thought we may have a new calf. He kept asking me for several days if “she” had it yet. I kept telling him no. He would say, “She is going to have a bull. That’s why she’s late.” For the life of me I could never figure out what he meant by ‘late”. She’s a cow and it’s not like we know when the deal was done so there isn’t really a “due date”.

SO, I went down to where the cows were and sure enough… There was an extra calf. He was resting, so I didn’t bother him to much.

His mom isn’t one to be fooled with and will promptly tell you what she thinks. She has no problem giving you a head butt.

SO, that makes 4 heifers and a bull calf. Two more cows to go and they aren’t even showing any signs of having a calf. I was looking at one of the older cows a few days ago, thinking she was next. She also almost gave me a head but and said, “You idiot! I already had my calf!”

OH, these black cows! Unless you stand there and look for distinguishing features they are hard to tell them apart. Especially the older ones. Two of them have white spots on their udder but not in the same place. July and her mom have bigger navels but July’s is bigger. I used to be able to tell her from the others because she looked different. Now that she is older she pretty much looks like the other younger cows, but she is very tall and lean. SO, I have to look at her navel. The other way to tell is if I can pet her. Normally she doesn’t wait and comes right up to me and puts her head down. Not a good idea and it is becoming a bad idea more and more.

Luckily all the calves look different since their dad is a Hereford. They have different personalties developing now. July’s calf was born blind in one eye and is a complainer. She is always complaining about the flies on her head and keeps trying to out run them.

OH, one more thing… Over the past week I have FINALLY gotten all the photos from 2016 and up to now numbered and named and pasted in their proper folder according to plant name. I didn’t bother keeping up with that when I didn’t have the blog again. Now, it is important to keep up to date. That’s a good thing. Now I can get all those pages to the right finished and add the rest…

One more thing… We had a family reunion at the park on Sunday and these two guys showed up and my cousin Christine took this AWESOME photo! We all had a good time visiting and for many of us it is the only time we do visit. Most of were there but a few didn’t make it. My sister went to get grandson’s birthday celebration in Oklahoma, cousin Joyce wasn’t feeling well. Cousin’s Cindy and Ruthie (sister’s) couldn’t come because Cindy’s husband passed away on Wednesday. Most of the kids and their kids didn’t make it. GEEZ! I used to be one of the kids! Dad is the oldest one now at 86…

Now I can go. It is almost time for dinner. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the post and have a great rest of your day or evening (depending on your time zone). Stay healthy, be happy and prosperous. Be kind to other and nature and they will be kind to you. Well, that may take some practice. I just dug up the thistles and I don’t think they liked it.

Until next time…

4 comments on “Calf #6, A Bull, Plus Two Old Farts

  1. katechiconi says:

    That’s a great photo, Lonnie. The good thing about computers is that you can caption photos and tell later generations who everyone was. There are too many old photographic prints out there of amazing people and no-one has any idea who they are…


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