Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’

Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’, 5-29-17, #337-1.

FINALLY my Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’ has flowered again. I bought it from an Ebay seller in 2009. I bought another flavor, too, but I can’t find photos… It was blue and yellow but didn’t come up after a couple of years. It is weird how my photos are arranged and how I could ever loose any. But there are NO photos of the other Iris in the Iris folder. I will have to go back and look through all the folders from 2010-2012 taken in April and May when I lived in Mississippi.

Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’ on 4-20-10, # 51-6.

This photo was taken in the back yard of the mansion in Leland, Mississippi in April, 2010. The only photos I have of the Iris ‘Black Gamecock’ are from 2010 besides the one I took today and a couple of days ago. What is this? Did I somehow not take any others in Mississippi?  Maybe I somehow didn’t transfer the photos I took to the Iris folder. I don’t know but there is only one way to find out.

Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’ was developed my Frank Chowning in 1978. It has won numerous awards: American Iris Society Honorable Mention 1982, Award of Merit 1986, Mary Swords Runner up in 1988 and the winner in 1989.

They grow to a height of at least 24″ in full sun and like plenty of moisture. One website even says they grow to 5′. Well, I know the other Louisiana Iris in Mississippi at the mansion grew to over 6′ tall one year and I have the photos to prove it. A friend of mine is 6’3 and they were a few inches taller than him.

When I moved here in February 2013, I dug a spot between the basement steps and the back porch. The soil was just fill dirt and TERRIBLE! I mixed it with the “GOOD STUFF” from where the cows had been fed hay over the winter. WELL, this was NOT an ideal location. It only received a few hours of morning sun but that was not the worse part. If you remember, mom and dad had almost 20 cats and digging that area provided them an ideal spot. I had a time replanting the Iris over and over. Thankfully that have stopped using that area and now we are down to 7 cats (I think). I kept wanting to move the Iris ‘Black Gamecock’ to a more suitable area, and maybe that will have to be on my “to-do” list. Maybe it would be a good idea to plant them close to the water hydrant… OR maybe where I dump the chicken’s water every day… Ummm… They are a Louisiana Iris and can grow in around 4″ of water.

Well, I better go for now… Have more blog pages to work on. Take care, God Bless, be happy, wise and well and most of all GET DIRTY every chance you get!

8 comments on “Iris x violipurpurea ‘Black Gamecock’

  1. Jim R says:

    It is a beauty. My mother loved to grow iris and gladioli. I have one iris behind the house. Too bad it is near an often used deerpath. They are like mowers and cut off everything along that path. I fence it in 4′ of chicken wire until it is done blooming so I can enjoy them.


  2. That’s a beautiful flower. Nice!


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