Sunday Stroll

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you all well. It is a nice day with the sun shining and the temperature is 43° F. I decided a walk to the back of the farm was in order.

The first photo was taken where one of the ponds drain into the creek about 40 or so feet away. The water was slowly moving.


This is the pond… The melted area is where the water is draining into the first photo… Maybe I should have taken this one first, huh. I just added the photos in the order I took them.

There are two ponds, one right next to the other, in the back of the farm. I always thought it was strange how grandpa dus a new pond next to the old one instead of just making the old one bigger. I imagine the old pond, the one in the photo, is spring-fed. Neither pond is very big so maybe even the newer part was never finished. That happens when water starts coming in before you are finished as with the smaller pond in the front pasture. The dozer man left for lunch and the pond was full of water when he returned.


After I left the area behind the pond(s) I looked toward the southeast pasture. You can see the Farrington Park lake with all the leaves off the trees. I could hear a Barred Owl along the trail toward the west and squirrels barking by the swamp ahead.


This is the only time of the year when you can see the swamp. I suppose it isn’t really a swamp, but that’s what I call it. This area completely grows up mainly with Broad-Leaved Panic Grass (Dichanthelium latifolium) and Jewel Weed (Impatiens capensis) during the summer months. Other weeds grow between this area and where the electric fence is which is where I identified several new species of wildflowers in 2019. It is almost impossible to get to this area late in the summer. You will come out covered with several species of stick-tights and beggarticks.

I was kind of amazed there were very few birds out and about. I only saw a few sparrows, Cardinals, and Blue Jays. I could hear a Nuthatch but I could never spot it.


From the top of the hill looking toward the house, the sky was a beautiful blue with a few clouds.


The forecast for the week looks pretty good…

That’s all I have to say for now. Until next time, be safe, stay positive, and always be thankful.

6 comments on “Sunday Stroll

  1. debbie lansdown says:

    Looks like you had a perfect walk…
    I always think There are so many interesting things to look at & photograph, first when snow arrives, & then again as it’s starting to thaw.
    That’s a great pic of the ‘swamp’ area -it looks beautiful with the sharp winter light on the snow & the dark tree trunks – what trees are they?

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    • Hello Debbie! I always enjoyed going out after a snow to see all the tracks left behind by birds and other wildlife. We have quite a variety of trees but I never really paid much attention to those in the swamp. The bigger trees are likely a species of Oak. Maybe this summer I can figure out what the smaller trees are. I noticed a grove of Persimmon trees across the fence on the north side of the farm while I was on my walk. You just never know what you can find… Thanks for the comment!


  2. Jim R says:

    Thanks for the walk. Not much sun here today.

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  3. Looks like your weather has improved.

    Liked by 1 person

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