Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you well. Last night I looked ut the door at 1 AM and it was snowing and had already accumulated a little. It snowed all night so when I got up there was plenty. I drove to Kevin’s house to get his truck so I could go feed his cows 12 miles or so out of town. As usual, I couldn’t make it up the hill to his house so I backed down the hill and parked. Then I had to walk up the hill to get the truck. His truck is a 4 wheel drive flatbed so it has no problems.

The highways were cleared off so getting to where I was going was no problem. I fed the cows then came back home safe and sound.

I don’t complain that much about the snow here after spending a winter in Minnesota. All is well.

I read posts on other blogs about harvesting tomatoes and onions in Australia and New Zealand because they are on the opposite side of the planet. For me, I am longing for a tropical climate like the Philippines. 🙂

Until next time, be safe, stay positive, and always be thankful.

17 comments on “AGAIN WITH THE SNOW

  1. debbie lansdown says:

    Hi Rooster -as always your snow makes me happy.
    I hope if you go to the Philippines that you will keep up the blog! … just imagine …. so many amazing plants!
    🌱 keep warm & stay Safe

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    • Hello Debbie! I will always continue with the blog as long as I am able. I can grow A LOT of plants in the Philippines and not have to worry about “F” or “S”. 🙂 Thnks for the comment and take care.


  2. katechiconi says:

    I promise that if you don’t complain about the cold and snow, I won’t complain about the heat and humidity here in the tropics. At 7am, while I was walking the dog, it was already 85°F and about 80% humidity, and there’s a load of monsoon rain on the way. We need it badly, so I’m not complaining… I hope you like heat, if you’re longing for the Philippines…

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  3. bittster says:

    I’m always surprised by all the snow and cold you get over there. You really do run to the extremes.
    We’ve had some snow and a weak attempt at cold, but compared to what it could be things are extremely mild. I’m even considering cleaning out a few beds if the rain stops long enough… usually that’s a March thing.

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    • Hello Frank! You just never know what the weather will do. Looking at long-range forecasts to make some kind of a plan is useless. I have barely done anything outside because of the weird weather or I am busy somewhere else (or lack of motivation). Spring will be here soon! Thanks for the comment and take are!

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  4. Wonderful that you do this in all weathers and a 4×4 is a must in extreme weather conditions.. No snow here, as yet, but its going colder and snow is on the cards for this week on higher ground here in the area we live in the UK…
    We have got most of our winter digging done on the plot.. So snuggled up nice and warm today Mr R..
    Have a peaceful Sunday and take care out in that snow.. 🙂

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    • Hello Sue! When farmers have livestock to tend to they have to get out no matter the conditions. People have to go to work so the city and highway crews are out clearing roads so everyone can get around. It is quite a cooperative effort and we are thankful. I am glad to hear your weather has been so most of your winter digging is almost finished. You take care and stay warm as well. Thanks for the comment!:)

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      • Good to know the community works together.. the first signs of snow here and our roads and transport often grinds to a halt.. People do not have winter tyres and the rural areas are not served as well with snow ploughs..

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  5. tonytomeo says:

    Philippines?! You know, they can’t grow plants that need a chill in winter there. No apples or pears.

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    • Hello Tony! My GF says in some parts fairly close to Valencia, they do grow apples, grapes, and strawberries. There are videos on YouTube about a very popular strawberry farm ther with HUGE berries. As far as not being able to grow peaches, Mangos are widely grown there and they taste similar to peaches. I think the Philippines is the #1 producer of pineapple, #2 in bananas, and #3 for mango. There are A LOT of other fruits, to numerous to mention. Thanks for the comment!

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      • tonytomeo says:

        There is always a lot of something to grow. It is just not always the familiar, and sometimes lack what we crave. I miss the stone fruits of the Santa Clara Valley, even though I am right nearby. I can grow the same fruits that I grew there, but they are not quite the same. I also want to grow some of the fruits I see in the Los Angeles region, but some take too much work here. I am surprised that apples and grapes are grown in the Philippines; but I suppose there are mountains right down to the coast there, like in Los Angeles County.

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