Baptisia ‘Lunar Eclipse’-NOT!


Baptisia australis

Hello everyone! I bought this Baptisia labeled ‘Lunar Eclipse’ from the Green Street Market in Clinton in 2017. There were several pots of ‘Lunar Eclipse’ flowering but they were pretty pricy so I settled for one in a smaller pot that wasn’t flowering. The label clearly says Baptisia ‘Lunar Eclipse’ which has beautiful bi-color flowers. It flowered a little for the first time last year but they were NOT like ‘Lunar Eclipse’. I thought maybe the flowers were whacky their first year so I still had hope for this year. I didn’t want to admit it was incorrectly labeled from the grower that supplies Green Street Market.


While still very impressive, it just feels weird waiting for something to happen and not getting what you expect.


Instead of being cultivar Baptisia ‘Lunar Eclipse’, it is actually Baptisia australis commonly known as Blue False Indigo or Blue Wild Indigo. Baptisia ‘Lunar Eclipse’ was a combination of many species. Since the label is incorrect I don’t know if this is just the species or a different cultivar. SO, what can I do? I have to go back to this plant’s page and change the whole thing. At least the mystery is solved and I am also happy for that.

I am not complaining that much because it is a very beautiful plant but it isn’t what I paid for. I told the owner of the Green Street Market about it a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I didn’t expect a refund or anything because I have had the plant since 2017. It isn’t her fault the grower labeled them wrong and I did take a risk in paying a lesser cost for plants that weren’t flowering in the first place. You just never know and that is part of gardening…

I still have a lot of photos taken over the past couple of weeks, but they are mainly out of date now. So, this next week I will probably take more and HOPEFULLY make another post or two. I am STILL working on plant pages, updating and adding new ones. It is always a work in progress just like life.

Until next time, Be safe, stay positive and GET DIRTY!

16 comments on “Baptisia ‘Lunar Eclipse’-NOT!

  1. Jim R says:

    Indigo is a rich and gorgeous color.

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  2. Jim R says:

    btw…I got dirty yesterday after I mowed the lawn. Just thought you should know.

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  3. vw1212 says:


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  4. debbie lansdown says:

    Hi Rooster
    Glad you are back on the airwaves!
    That is really a beautiful plant! – I’m putting it on my to get list (it’s really a long list so it may be a while before I get it! ) I’m guessing it’s the flower that’s used to make indigo dye…..

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    • Hello Debbie! It is a beautiful plant for sure and I hope you can find one or more. Baptisia australis is the Blue False Indigo. Indigo dye comes from a few species in the genus Indigofera but mainly I. tinctoria. There are 706 species in the genus! They are members of the same family (Fabaceae) with 763 genera. It’s a big one. Thanks for the comment!


  5. Baptisia australis is a beautiful plant, and much loved by bumblebees, so it could be worse. Still, mislabeled plants pop up more often than they should and it’s pretty annoying.

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  6. I love that color!

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  7. Eliza Waters says:

    What a gorgeous, deep color it is! It looks very happy in your care. 🙂

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