Christmas & Birthday Past Once Again…

Hello everyone! I hope this email finds you all well and recovering from Christmas. I went to my sisters for Christmas because I couldn’t think of enough good reasons not to go. She didn’t like it that I spent Thanksgiving alone even though she did invite me. I didn’t see her invite on Facebook because I didn’t look until after it was over. I didn’t spend Thanksgiving alone because I had to, it was because I chose to. So, I went Christmas morning, stayed the night and came back home on Wednesday.

I made it to her home in Raytown, which is a suburb of Kansas City, with no problem. You would think to get out all you would have to do is go backward, turning right instead of left or left instead of right, on the same streets as before. Well, the last time we went, I somehow got turned around and getting back where I was supposed to be took a little longer. This time was even worse… 

How in the h— can you follow the directions backward and get lost? Well, when I was on 63rd and turned the right direction on to get on Raytown Road, it led to not being able to continue. The lane I was in ended and became one way. I did not notice that when I came… So, I thought maybe I screwed up and went the wrong way. I went back to 63rd and went straight on Raytown Road, passing 63rd. I stopped at a convenience store and asked how to get back on 50 to go to Warrensburg. The fellow was from India and he had no clue. I thought, “How can someone live here and not know how to leave?” I went to another store only to have the same strange answer, also from a man from India… I stopped at another store and a man not from India gave me the same answer. A delivery man was bringing in supplies, who must drive all over the city, and he didn’t even know… Then after driving around more, I stopped at yet another convenience store and asked a lady at the counter. She had no idea. Luckily, another lady was there and told me to turn right at the intersection and go as far as I can then take a left… So, I did that and somehow got to where I needed to be.

Now, Christmas evening, my sister and her husband went to see the lights at a park. It took a while to get there but the wait came after we arrived. Ummm… We have a very nice “Christmas In The Park” here in town where the churches and other business have their own displays. It’s very nice and you can drive through with no waiting. But, in Kansas City, it is not so easy. I am not sure how many miles it was from the main road, winding around, and waiting in this long line of traffic. I am not even sure how long it took because I didn’t want to know. Once there, though, the wait was worth it. It was a grand display and Lawrence County has been doing this for 31 years. 

On the way there, my brother-in-law started out driving similar to the way I came except he turned on Raytown Trafficway instead of Raytown Road. Then, on the way back, he came on Raytown Road and said, “This is the way you came in.” 

On the way home, I was thinking maybe you are supposed to take Raytown Road to their house and Raytown Trafficway when you leave. So, I check online to see. Sure enough, that is correct. You don’t leave the way you go. GEEZ! I didn’t tell my sister what happened but I will definitely remember for the next time. If she reads this post, she will see anyway. I never bothered to get driving directions for the return trip because I didn’t think it would be different. Lesson learned… Well, I very seldom ever get more than 30 miles away from home and I HATE driving in the city. I will be so glad when we can step in a booth and say where we want to go and get out and be there in a matter of seconds.

I also wanted to tell you I had a breakthrough. I realize why I don’t like Christmas. Deep down in my subconscious mind, it is because of glitter… Last Tuesday when I went to take the trash out at the church I saw where the youth had been working on their Christmas play for the following Sunday. The glitter was everywhere! The table was covered! I knew then that it would be trailed all the way up the stairs and into the sanctuary. Then, when I went on Saturday to clean for Sunday morning, it was terrible. Sure enough, it was all over the stairs and hallway. 

I didn’t go to the Sunday service because I didn’t want to see all the glitter during the program. Reminding me of what I had to clean up. I went on Monday to clean for the Christmas Eve service… While they must have cleaned a little because the sanctuary wasn’t that bad, the pulpit was covered. I had to wash it off with water because the vacuum cleaner wouldn’t touch it. I didn’t go to the Christmas Eve service either.

Then, on Saturday (today or yesterday depending on when you read this), I went to clean the church to get it ready for Sunday. GEEZ!!! I did vacuum, as usual, vacuuming the carpet as always, cleaning the restrooms, taking out the trash as usual. Once glitter is on the carpet you can’t worry about getting it all off. That much is just impossible. So, I will just vacuum as always every week and little by little most of the glitter will eventually get sucked up or go further down into the carpet. Just in time for more glitter next Christmas… 

It is now December 29. One good thing about my birthday being on the 29th is that no one seems to notice. Only three people remembered and the lady at the bank also noticed the 29th was my birthday. Even on Facebook, where you get a notification when it is someone’s birthday on your friend’s list. I “usually”, but not always, send a Happy Birthday. Not one Happy Birthday. 🙂 Very good! I don’t really need a reminder. To the young people, I am an old man, so I sure don’t want them to know. I am only 58 and far from being old… Now, if I was 90 and they didn’t remember, I would throw a fit! We sing Happy Birthday to people at church, but usually, they somehow forget about mine. I don’t bring it up either. 🙂 Even growing up as a kid, we didn’t celebrate birthdays. For me, we just had Christmas anyway. 

Well, I guess that is all I wanted to talk about for now. Another year is almost over and we will be in 20… Umm… 19.

Until next time, take care, be safe, and stay positive! I am not sure how dirty you can get, but I seem to be doing fine in that respect.

27 comments on “Christmas & Birthday Past Once Again…

  1. katechiconi says:

    Happy Birthday, Lonnie! I hope it’s still the 29th where you are, although it’s the afternoon of 30th where I am 🙂

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  2. Debbie says:

    Hi there Rooster
    You won’t believe (I couldn’t!) that it is my birthday today – the 30th!! So we are birthday neighbours. You are right it’s very easy to get a quiet birthday at this time of year where you can potter with your cactuses & read your current book with a cup of tea, as everyone is focussed on raving their way through Xmas & new year! To be honest It’s so mild that Yesterday I actually managed to clear out the pond which is usually a definite summer job – but it was fine: I got really muddy! 😄 & also woke up a very sleepy frog. He sat for half hour & watched me pulling out the excess reeds & cutting back the arum lilies. Then I looked round and he had silently gone. Then I came in and made some mince pies with stars on.
    It’s funny what you say about glitter as I myself am a real glitter lover but my other half sees it as the spawn of the devil itself – He cannot bear it near him! He literally acts like there is a spider on him if he touches it.
    I have been a bit like you in regard to Christmas in the past but this year I resolved to make an effort and accept every invitation with gusto as it would make everyone else happy. It’s been a very different Xmas and surprisingly I have had some really fun times.
    But I guess you have to want to for that to work.
    New year – now that’s another matter- I cannot be doing with staying up all night waiting for it to come when I’m really tired! I do love to get up early on New Year’s Day and go for a walk & see what’s happening
    Already lots of bulbs popping up, & in my friends garden buds on patty’s plum and a Geum flowering – unbelievable , so early
    I have been reading a few other plant blogs recently and whilst all are interesting I still like yours best!
    Well I better go and get on with my birthday
    Happy new year ….. & get dirty yourself! 🙂

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    • Hello Debbie! Wow, I am only a day older than you! Many years ago I knew a man who was born on the 30th. He always said I was a day older when, in fact, he was in his 70’s and I was in my early 20’s. You clearing out your pond this time of year makes me want to work on mine (the old goldfish pool not the big pond…). I like your other half’s description of glitter calling it the spawn of the devil. Maybe I can convince the church. 🙂 That’s great you have bulbs popping up already, but that is quite a ways off here. GEEZ! Thanks for the comment and I am happy you enjoy my blog! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  3. Littlesundog says:

    Happy Birthday!! I didn’t know you were from Warrensburg! I suppose almost forty years ago I had friends that lived there and we used to drive from Seward, NE to visit and spend long weekends. And I have been lost in Raytown. Back then we had paper maps and I remember stopping at a gas station for directions.

    I always felt bad for people with birthdays around holidays, for the very reason you stated – they are often forgotten. I was born in June, so we were out of school and spent the day at the pool and in the evening had a party with the grandparents present. Birthdays should be special – at least I think so! And you are quite right about 58 being young! Ha ha… I’m 57. Have a fantastic day, Lonnie!

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    • Hello Laura! Oh, I live in Windsor but I have to go through Warrensburg (or around it) to get home which is about 30 miles further. Warrensburg is on the interstate I need to take so I just mentioned it for directions. I can easily get lost in the city which is one reason I seldom go. I live in a town of about 3,000 but I have lived in much larger cities before. It takes a getting used to with all the roads going this way that that way. I lived in Springfield (MO) for many years and it was very easy to get around in. While it doesn’t bother me to have my birthday overlooked, it does understandably bother some people. Thanks for the comment and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  4. Masha says:

    Happy Birthday Lonnie! Well, it’s the 30th today, but doesn’t matter, you’re still deep in the energy of your birthday. I for one celebrate my birthday all month LOL . Blessings.

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  5. gardeningheros says:

    Happy Birthday , around here I allow myself to celebrate for a week so by my standards I am not late . Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year .

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  6. Wishing you a Happy Birthday, for the 29th, a day late.. Hope you had a lovely one.. Looks like you had quite a journey..
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year for 2019.. May all you grow flourish.. And thank you for your support over 2018..
    Take care Mr R.. 😀 Sue

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  7. Jim R says:

    I got a few chuckles from your story. Maybe you weren’t trying to be funny. But, you have a good way of telling about your troubles.

    If I followed you on Facebook, I would have wished you happy birthday 🎈. Happy birthday 🎈 anyway you young thing.

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    • Hello Jim! Well, you can go ahead and laugh about the road trip because I am laughing now that I am back home. I will have to find you on Facebook… Thanks for the Happy Birthday… Young thing? GEEZ! Well, I guess you are as young as you feel. Some days like 20 and some days… You get the point. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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      • Naume G. says:

        I know it’s way past your birthday, but here’s to an awesome year ahead. Your story did manage to make me laugh after a long day that I could not wait to be over. Thanks a lot, and keep aging with wisdom, and definitely your wit.

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  8. oh no! I’m so sorry to read that your birthday was less than stellar! I wish you a (very) belated Happy Birthday! I am the worst for getting lost, or rather I’m the best at getting lost, so I certainly know the frustration you must have felt when leaving your sister’s place to drive home. A tiny bit funny at how many times you had to stop and ask in order to get the right way! I tend to use Google Maps WAY too often! I wish you a Happy New Year! 🙂

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    • Hello Dana! What was funny is when I asked for directions and even they didn’t know. I did look at driving directions online to get there but not to get out until after I was home. Who would have thought they would be different. Well, around here things have been the same for so long getting lost in the city would be typical. My birthday was fine and I have no complaints. I kind of like going unnoticed because I can get by with a lot. 🙂 I shouldn’t have said that, huh? Of course, I can step outside without the cows noticing. Thanks for the Happy Birthday and the comment!


  9. bittster says:

    Your trip reminds me of every visit we have to Disney. Waiting, crowds, lines… and everyone just calls it fun!
    Happy Birthday, hope it’s a great year filled with awesome plants!

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  10. I have a 7 year old granddaughter that comes every week with something glitter. I totally understand!!! Also, for some reason I can not bring up any comments on my email. I can bring up them on WordPress but not the actual email..ugh. I am so sorry I can’t bring up your recipe. They are probably punishing me for neglecting it for so long…lol

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