4 comments on “The controversial canola oil

  1. Debbie says:

    Very interesting- we don’t have Canola oil over here- unless it’s called by another name?
    The oil thing is so ironic as for years everyone thinks they are so clever using ‘healthy option’ veg oils as opposed to lard. & low and behold …
    My mum who is 97 never used oil in her life & is completely committed to lard for cooking & butter for eating -she is sharp as a tack ….
    so much Ill health around us – I really believe it’s all in the food &, as this excellent article reveals, the processses used on them.
    In terms of food I think It’s really worth taking time to try and find out about what is on offer and selecting locally produced organic certified- it’s still not perfect as the organic label still allows certain chemicals, but a massive step in the right direction. Ultimately grow your own !! Your article has made me want to plan my next years crops!!

    In uk we don’t have GM food this is from the Gov.uk website……
    Genetically Modified (GM) foods are not grown commercially in the UK. The GM foods you can import are varieties of the following:
    oilseed rape
    cotton-seed oil
    sugar beet
    You can search for authorised GM foods on the European Commission website.

    However the problem is that meat for eg that is imported may have been fed GM crop as feed & polllen from GM crops can obviously by natural methods get into the food chain
    Do people generally embrace GM foods there?

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    • Hello Debbie! I think most of the issues with oils is the way they are processed and the unsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, and so on scare. People turned to the oils as a safer product to cook with. I was brought up with my mother using shortening (Crisco) to fry in (she even fried green beans which were delicious!). My grandparents used lard and made their own as well as making their own butter and cottage cheese. I use butter to cook with and coconut oil. I used to use canola oil until I started working for/with Dr. Skinner (Suzanne). So, I suppose, to me, olive oil, coconut oil, and butter would be my choice. Of course, my grandparents and many others saved the oil/grease from frying and reuse over and over.

      Like you, organically grown produce is much better for you because of the chemicals. There are strict guidelines farmers have to follow to be able to use organic labeling. There are groups, nationwide, that fight for better labeling, that research and write about GMO’s. It has been quite a movement or several years. Researchers that find evidence against GMO’s have died, disappeared (along with their findings), been debunked, and their reputation ruined.

      The Truth About Cancer team put together a series that is really great which you can sometimes watch for free. They have segments on YouTube. I was able to watch the whole series and it was really an eye-opener.

      GMO crops, in my opinion, are very bad and pollen from neighboring farmers contaminate non-GMO crops and soil. So, even if all GMO crops are banned, the soil is still contaminated. Monsanto and other companies have been sued but they still continue to stay in business. Farmers like the ability to use herbicides like Roundup without killing their crops. I better stop or this reply will become a post! I used to blog about GMO’s, the previous blog, but haven’t with this one. Maybe later because I think it is a big subject…

      We should definitely grow our own gardens and do what we can for our own health. Thanks for the comment as always!


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