Second Snow…

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you all well and warm. I realize that some of you are in warmer climates and are in the spring season. Here, as you can see, it is not warm and there are no spring flowers blooming…

The forecast yesterday said it was going to snow, so throughout the night, I kept looking out the sliding door to check. Eventually, I did go to sleep. Then, this morning when I got out of bed…

The cows were eating hay, which they were glad to have available. I had also put a second bale in the small lot by the barn in reserve.


It didn’t get below freezing so I didn’t have to go cut ice on the pond. That’s good!


Susie and The Barn Cat aren’t very enthused about the snow. The other three cats had eaten and probably went to the barn by the time I took this photo. The Barn Cat (in the box) was given her name by my parents because she seemed to always stay in the barn. She has spent most of her time on the back porch this past year so maybe a name change is in order. Susie is the only cat that comes inside the house when she can sneak in. She makes her rounds and when she is satisfied she attempts to stay in longer. She tells me she will be OK in the house and won’t bother anything… One evening I let her stay in to see what she would do. Next thing I knew she was on the bed getting ready to take a nap…


Winter… Snow… Cold… No plants on the front porch.


Just a dreary cold wind and still snowing.


Seasons come and go and I know winter will eventually lead to spring. For many years we didn’t have any snow before the first of the year. I hope this isn’t a sign we will have a very snowy winter.

I can just hear it now… “Well, the persimmon seeds had a spoon inside. That means we will get a lot of snow.” I left the snow shovel on the side porch from the last time. Does that mean I was asking for more? I certainly did not ask.

I have been making some good progress updating the plant pages on the right. I have A LOT more to add but I wanted to get the pages that are already published updated with recent photos, proper links, and make sure their scientific names are still correct. I am also trying to discipline myself to keep current with your posts as well. Once I get started reading I get sleepy. I try to make a comment but sometimes I don’t know what to say and just click on “like”. I do read your posts, though, so if I just “like” I have read it. I haven’t really started promoting my blog yet so I only have 87 followers on WordPress. Some days I have well over 100 visits to the pages on the right but very few readers leave “likes” or make comments. Maybe no one can leave a “like” or make a comment unless they have a WordPress account, have signed up to follow (even by email), or something. I don’t know. I do enjoy reading your posts and I am thankful for all who make comments here.

I thoroughly enjoy the WordPress community and being able to share photos and experiences here. I have a great appreciation for bloggers who take time to do the same and I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. My first blog was The Mystical Mansion and Garden which I started in 2009 from when I was living in Mississippi. I had a lot of pages and information about porcelain companies and Japanese Kutani and Satsuma, Televera, etc. Of course, most of my posts and pages were about plants and gardening. I received A LOT of comments from people asking questions about antiques. I started my first Belmont Rooster blog in 2013 when I moved back to the family farm here in mid-Missouri. This is my third Belmont Rooster blog and hopefully it will remain for many years to come… Many bloggers that I used to follow, and were followers, have stopped blogging. I feel like I missed something when I was in between blogging. Where did they go? What happened to them… Blogging does take time and many people who have families have to juggle between jobs, family, and blogging. I also have Facebook and Twitter accounts. I haven’t been on my Twitter accounts for a very long time, though. I just can’t get into Twitter… I guess I have a Twitter block. 🙂

I follow a few blogs that I followed since 2013 and some haven’t posted for a few years. I used to have close to 500 followers and climbing. I would spend hours promoting the blog, following, and making comments and looking for more. We went through this “award” phase which I am glad has settled down. I don’t remember how many blogging awards I had in 2013, but there were many. For me, I think I like quality and not quantity. I am not here to set records, be awarded, or even claim to be a great gardener or blogger. I just enjoy growing plants, gardening and sharing my experience that may be helpful to others. I also enjoy the relationship with my fellow bloggers in the WordPress community. I am also on another journey which I may share at a later time…

Well, I guess I better stop writing and get a few other things done for the day. It has finally stopped snowing for now but I doubt I will be making a snowman. 🙂

Until next time… Be safe, stay positive, healthy… You know the drill. Try and GET DIRTY when you can! Even if you have to stick your finger in a pot.

20 comments on “Second Snow…

  1. Pixydeb says:

    Great to see your weather – it probably seems mad to you but I look at your snow & then all the fires in California and it’s hard to make sense of. I guess it’s because I live in a teeny country and you live in a huge one!
    The weather here is crazy too – today ,though it’s 10 degrees, we had big hailstones, several thunder & lightning sessions and intense spells of straight teeming rain. There are deep piles of slippery leaves everywhere.
    I really like your blog because it is straight-up,from the heart & uncontrived – like a stream of plant consciousness. I don’t do any social media like twitter or any of that Its not me – i just subscribe to a few blogs, 2 on plants, one of which is yours!. So that’s cool I think! The other plant one is called ‘dig delve’ you might like it actually?
    Anyway Off to read about the mystical mansion now!

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    • Hello Debbie! The U.S. has about every type of climate you can imagine from one side to the other. Everywhere I have lived people say the same thing. “If you don’t like the weather, stick around and it will change.” I used to think that was a saying from Missouri but that was before I had been anywhere else. I am sure it is even a saying in other countries as well. When you mentioned it was 10 degrees, is that Celsius or Fahrenheit?

      I appreciate what you say about The Belmont Rooster. It is kind of like me… What you see is what you get. No frills and I only hide what I can get away with (when it doesn’t involve anyone else). 🙂 Otherwise, it doesn’t happen.

      The part about the Mystical Mansion and Garden isn’t finished yet. Maybe I will finish this winter.

      I went to Dig Delve and it looks very interesting. I have saved it to my reading list and will explore more thoroughly later. Thanks for the recommendation and your comment!


  2. Vicki says:

    `I’m surprised how much snow you’ve suddenly got. I imagined you’d have many soft light falls before it would really make a white carpet. Just goes to show how ignorant we are living in temperate climate zones (as I am in Melbourne, Australia).

    It takes so little to press the LIKE button on a fellow blogger’s new post and like you, I find it so surprising when people read and don’t take the time to do this and encourage people in their writing and information-gathering endeavours.

    As to comments……after about 10years of blogging, first a writing one on Google and then swapping over to WordPress as it had better templates for sharing photography, and more variety in layout, I have to be honest and say sometimes I just run out of things to say in comments. Sometimes in an effort to support a fellow blogger, you end up saying something rather inane and boring just for the sake of commenting.

    It’s a dilemma all us long-term bloggers face. New Bloggers haven’t got to that stage yet.

    Every time I get a new follower to any of my blogs, I look back at their own blog to see where they’re from and what they blog about. I find the variety of subject matter extraordinary – from Japanese teenyboppers who only write about what nail polish they bought that week, to professional photographers and journalists.

    The other thing I find astonishing is the number of people who are unable to write coherent sentences and express themselves in the written word. We all make typos of course. In my case, the Spellcheck drives me crazy as no matter how hard I try, the next morning I find some weird word in my current post (or replies I’ve made to commenters). It hurts me more if its a comment I’ve made on other people’s blogs as once you press the ‘post comment’ button, you can’t fix your typo or weird sentence.

    I often wonder why some of these young teens follow my blog(s). I’ve finally concluded they love hearing stories and learning English (if English is a second language for them especially).

    Statistics say the average blogger lasts about 3 years and I have to admit, with failing health and intermittent short-term memory lapses, my blogging is starting to wear thin.

    The important thing is to blog about what you enjoy and (in my case) stop worrying about the readers and followers which mystify me so much in their ‘following’ habits 🙂

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    • Hello Vicki! You aren’t the only one that is surprised about how much snow we have gotten right off the bat! I remember when I was a kid we would get a lot of snow, then for many years hardly ever more than a very light barely visible flurry before the first of the year. Then, on occasion, we would get blasted. The strangest thing was when we had snow May 1 in 2013. I guess 2012 was bad and dad said there was about 36″ on the ground at one point. It was snowing when I came back here in February 2013. I lived for a year in St. Paul, Minnesota and thought it would never stop snowing. It was CRAZY! Then, one evening the weather lady said it would be 60° cooler the next morning. Sure enough, the temp dropped to -30° F!!!

      Like you, and I am sure everyone else who blogs, I have followers from many categories. I check their blogs out and have to wonder sometimes… Many of them are writers and a few are promoting their business…

      I switched to using Grammarly to help me recognize misspellings and it has helped a lot. Sometimes when I get on a roll I misspell a word and don’t catch it even after editing. Then I read over the post again after it is published and see it. I am amazed at how many news articles have poor grammar and misspelled words. I usually edit comments to my posts when I see someone has accidentally misspelled a word. Like you said, spellcheck will drive you crazy. It happens to me all the time on Facebook…

      Take care and thanks for the comment. I know you aren’t well and I appreciate your time.

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  3. janesmudgeegarden says:

    Hi Lonnie, it’s interesting to see your snowy photos, but I was surprised when you said it didn’t get below freezing- it looks pretty cold to me! It also looks pretty to us down here in Australia because it isn’t something that happens all that often, or at least, it happens in the Alps, ( which might be called hills where you are) but not where I live. We do get very heavy frosts, though. We would get excited about snow!
    I agree that blogging takes a lot of time. I always answer every comment on my posts, and until the last week, commented on the posts of every person I follow. Now I’ve found I’m not getting other things done, so I admit recently I’ve just clicked on the like button. I hope people know I’ve read their post if I like it.

    Spellcheck can be a nuisance. Like Vicki, I’ve been rather horrified to find mistakes on my comments after I’ve posted them and there’s no way of going back and correcting them.
    Stay warm!

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    • Hello Jane! I think folks from climates where it doesn’t snow have a misconception that snow is always cold… Wait, that sounded really ridiculous. 🙂 Snow is different at different temperatures. If it is snowing when it is very cold, it will be fine and dry. Snow at warmer temps tends to be bigger flakes and is very wet. When I lived in Minnesota, most of the snowfall was fine and dry because it was normally very cold. I told a friend there if it snowed at 40° (F) the flakes would be big and wet. He laughed at me and said I lost my mind and that it didn’t snow that warm. On Christmas Day, it was 40° and the flakes were huge! One might think it has to be freezing temps to snow, huh? Typically… We get the fine stuff when a cold front is moving in and then the temp really drops afterward. The night time temps have dropped to 16° F after both of these snowfalls (which is what the forecast said). Sometimes, when we get the big flakes, it melts when it hits the ground but it depends on the ground temperature. Needless to say, when the conditions are just right when the flakes are big, it doesn’t take long to accumulate.

      While I do answer every comment on my blog, I haven’t been so good at reading other bloggers posts. If I leave a like, I read the post. Many times, if there have already been a lot of comments, I just leave a like or maybe because I don’t know what to say. I get to feeling guilty sometimes because I don’t take the time to read other posts. After all, they have taken the time to write a post and I should take the time to read them. Why should I expect others to read and comment on my posts if I don’t have time to read theirs. It’s a two-way street and I am happy to take the journey. The more blogs you follow, though, the harder it is to keep up. Once I get the plant pages to the right all added and edited, then I will take the time to read other posts and do a little more promotion…

      Thanks for the comment as always!


  4. Masha says:

    Oh wow, that snow!!! I’m freezing just looking at it. I moved out of NY I think in 97, I lived in Florida for a few years and now I live in El Paso which is desert and I love it. We do get occasionally a couple or so very cold days here, but they don’t last, and occasionally some snow which also doesn’t last which is great for me. I love my blog. Last year I had decided to blog every week, but like you say it does take up time and when I’m working at times I’m just too tired. This year I’m not blogging once a week and that’s ok too, although I want to grow my followers. I really appreciate comments and I also always respond to each one. BTW your photos are great. Thank you.

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    • Hello Masha! I am glad you are enjoying your El Paso climate. After a winter in Minnesota, 7 months in California and several years in Mississippi I got spoiled to a warmer climate. While it did get down to about 20° in Mississippi we hardly received any snow. It didn’t frost until December which is two months later than here. You have a great blog and I enjoy your inspirational posts. Hopefully, when you have more time you can post more and your following will grow. Glad to have you as a follower and I am happy to be a follower of yours. Thanks for your comment as always!


  5. I was just going through my own blog, and seeing who’d commented through the years and saw the Belmont Rooster and had to visit! So glad I did! I can relate to all of the visitors, yet not the likes – I always wonder “didn’t you like your visit?” 🙂 Well, I hit “like” here, because it was a lovely visit. 🙂

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    • Hello Dana! I’m not sure when I visited your blog but I revisited. I am also not sure why I didn’t follow at the time, but I am now. 🙂 I will revisit soon to catch up do a little catching up on your gardening posts. You post a lot about crafts, recipes and other things. I am not so much a “crafty” person, but I do like to cook (because I like good food), and of course gardening and plant collecting. Thanks for the “like” and the comment! I am glad you came for a visit and hope to hear from you more.


  6. It can snow on December 25th then it should stop! Have a great day!


  7. Interesting that you are having your second snow, and we’re waiting for our first. We were talking to family in KS yesterday, and the temperature was colder there than here. These changes in weather keep you scratching your head. 🙂

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  8. Miriam says:

    Thanks for sharing. Stay warm over there while here in Australia it’s spring but we’re heading into winter later this week. Crazy four seasons in one day!

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