Ummm… First Snow of 2018

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you all well and keeping warm. The weather forecast has been predicting snow for today. By this afternoon we hadn’t had any, so I did a little work in the yard. I was hoping it would not happen. Then I took a nap and got up about five. I looked out the sliding door in the dining room and what did I see? It was snowing…

The car was outside because I hadn’t cleaned up the sawdust in the garage from a few projects I had finished. So, I cleaned up the garage, swept the snow off the car then moved it into the garage.

Needless to say, sometimes I can be a bit of a procrastinator. I put off digging the bigger Colocasia esculenta rhizomes until yesterday (one is the largest I have ever seen). I haven’t raked any leaves yet because I am waiting for them all to fall off and dry. My “higher self” kept telling me that it may be a good idea to rake the leaves anyway because of the weather. How will the leaves dry when they are wet? Did I listen? Nope…

When I was going to take the cows to the back pasture today they weren’t around. They were probably in the north hayfield grazing in the back so I just left them alone. Once again, my “higher self” reminded me I should take a bale of hay out in case it snows. Well, it wasn’t snowing, so I started cleaning the Martin House out instead.

It was pretty chilly and my hands got cold, so after I cleaned out the top tier, I went inside. Normally, I clean out the birdhouse after the Martins leave. This time the sparrows moved in and my sister, who was visiting earlier, suggested I just let the sparrows have it. So, maybe I can blame her for persuading me not to clean it out at the time. I didn’t see a single sparrow this afternoon when I was cleaning out the birdhouse but almost EVERY nest compartment is FULL of their nests.

During the heat of the summer, many things were put off until it got cooler. Now it is cooler but it has been rainy. When it wasn’t raining, I found other things to do and always tell myself there will be plenty of nice, warmer days it can be done…

That’s the good thing about not having a “to-do” list anymore.

So, tell me… What have you been putting off?

Until next time, stay positive, stay well, be safe… GET DIRTY! I can always get dirty because right now there is plenty of dirt in the house (with all the plants inside).

8 comments on “Ummm… First Snow of 2018

  1. Pixydeb says:

    Snow!!!! So exciting!! (I know it’s cold it makes everything tricky but I’m still jealous!)
    Yes I know what you mean about putting things off – I have this similar thing where a perfectly ordinary job/task I have to do , maybe something I’m actually looking forward to, gets put off and as time goes on becomes impossible to start. I get a big imaginary barrier in my head. At uni it was writing the first paragraph of my assignment. Currently it is planting my Rembrandt Tulips!! 🌷 maybe today…..

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    • Hello Debbie! The snow has almost melted already and now we have mud. 🙂 When I took the cows to the back pasture this morning I could have got quite a few nice photos. But… I didn’t have the camera. Thanks for the comment!


  2. Jim R says:

    We got an inch of the white stuff.

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  3. Elizabeth says:

    All summer my daughter-in-law and I kept insisting that we had to have the wood cut, split, and in the woodshed before it got cold. Now we’ve had snow and still have two huge trailers full of wood to split and stack. Once again we put it off and are now complaining.


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