#6! It’s A Heifer. Plus Unwanted Visitors…

Hello folks! I hope this finds you all well. Yesterday morning the cows and geese were having some issues. It’s hard to imagine, but our cows do not like geese. A few years ago a pair of Canadian Geese from the park (next door) brought their young to the farm and it didn’t work out so well. The cows went NUTS and attacked the goslings, killing most of them. I tried to get them separated but that proved not to be a good idea and nearly impossible. I had never seen the cows behave this way before and thought maybe it was because of the noise the goslings made.

Yesterday morning when I heard the cows and geese in a dispute, I thought the same ordeal was happening again. By the time I got outside the geese had moved away from the cows and were heading around the pond. There were no goslings, dead or alive.

All the cows were under the mulberry tree south of the pond except for one. She had been staying away from the other cows for a couple of days and I knew she was getting close. Yesterday morning she was behind the chicken house.


I went to check on her and saw the calf’s feet were already sticking out. I went ahead and gave the chickens fresh water then went back inside the house to tell dad the news.

I went back out to watch the cow because I wanted to get some photos of her giving birth for the blog…


By the time I returned she had already had the calf. I didn’t stay long because momma didn’t want me there. I did check and saw the calf was a heifer.


Later on in the afternoon, momma and baby were doing well.


Lisa mentioned #4 looking like Spanky’s dog, well this one does too. 🙂




The two pair of geese hung around all day. Every time they would get close to each other, the dominant gander would chase the other pair off then the male and female would squawk in victory. I think the noise is what annoyed the cows before.


A little later I was up by the barn and the geese were walking next to the east side of the pond. There was one cow nursing where they were but she didn’t make any move against them because the geese were quiet. Then, all the sudden, the geese started honking and flew past the cow. The cow let out a LONG MOO as they flew past her and most of the other cows mooed, too.

This morning around 5:30 momma cow was not happy. The new calf was laying down next to the chicken house on the wrong side of the fence. Despite momma demanding her little girl to come back where she belonged, the calf would not budge. She didn’t know what all the fuss was about. She probably she was the one that should be complaining because of the zap she got when she went under the fence. I hesitated going out to put the calf where she belonged and figured she would eventually go back on her own. Then I got to thinking since the fencer is reading 16.0, the calf may not want to go back. So, I went out, half asleep, to see what I could do.

I went to the farthest post to raise the wire and the heifer got up and ran through the fence like she had been shot. Shot, because as soon as she hit the fence, it broke and she fell to the ground. She didn’t get up right away, though, and I could hear the fence snapping on the ground. Being half asleep, I reached down and picked up the hot wire… Oddly, I could barely feel it. I touched one of the posts with the wire and it popped pretty good, just as you would expect for a reading of 16.0. I thought something must be screwy with the fence again. I went ahead and temporarily put the fence together and went in to check the fencer. It was still reading 16.0 so I unplugged it and finished fixing the fence.

It was very strange how I was barely getting zapped then I realized I had on rubber boots instead of my work boots?

That’s it for now besides we are finally getting some rain. It sprinkled a little earlier but not to amount to anything. At about 5:45 it started raining along with a little hail. At 6:25 the rain slowed down to a few sprinkles.

Until next time, stay well, be positive, proper and GET DIRTY!

2 comments on “#6! It’s A Heifer. Plus Unwanted Visitors…

  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Canada Geese are a nuisance here now. They used to migrate north during summer to do their nesting but now days there are far too many making their permanent home around the ponds here. I am not a fan of birthing photos so if you post them I will have to close my eyes. I hope your cows don’t have any troubles. They seem to be holding their own.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lisa, we haven’t had as many geese land on the pond the last couple of years. Sometimes a pair will linger around in the yard for a few days then they move on. There were a lot of them in Mississippi when I lived at the mansion and they would forage in peoples yards along the creek. They stayed all year because a lot of people fed them and the ducks. Even though people fed them along the creek, once they figured out who was doing it, they would also camp in their yard. The cows and calves are doing very well and all but one have all had calves before. The heifer born in 2016 hasn’t had hers yet and she will need to be watched more closely when she gets close. Thanks for the comment!


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