#5 Is A Bull Calf!

Hello AGAIN! I had to go out of town this afternoon so I didn’t go out and check on the cows until 6:30. A few of the cows were on the southeast side of the pond bank so I went there first. This cow was laying next to her calf, who was sleeping, and I thought it looked a little different. It looked new… I went around to where I could see its face and it was all white. The first calf has an all white face but this was a new one.


I started looking it over and saw it was a bull calf. Mom decided I had looked long enough and taken all the photos I needed. Touching was off limits and she didn’t even want me to touch her. I reached out to pet her and she thought a headbutt was a better idea. SO, I went on.


There were seven Yellow Legs on the pond bank so I had to watch them for a while. Several of them were very small and for a little bit I didn’t think they were all Yellow Legs. Their legs are very long but I could tell that some of their legs were way down in the mud. They are so funny to watch.


I went out to check on the cows and #5 walked right up to me.


He smelled my hand so he could remember me…


And I showed him how good a little rub felt.


And a little scratch behind the ears.

That’s all I have to say right now. Until next time, take care, stay well, be thankful and GET DIRTY!



6 comments on “#5 Is A Bull Calf!

  1. Pixydeb says:

    🐮 Thankyou for sharing the new calves with us. They Look soft & beautiful. It’s hard to believe something as big as a cow can just appear like that! (I’m a townie by birth so excuse that crazy sentiment!) Is it 2 or 3 new ones? Do the cows have names? Do you care for them? Or are they kind of doing their own thing just on your land?

    Liked by 1 person

    • This one makes 5, Pixiedeb! 🙂 A few of the cows have names but they are hard to tell apart because they look so much alike. I understand being from the city you don’t experience the miracle of birth like we do on the farm. Even a chicken laying an egg. The cows just graze on grass and we bale hay during the summer for them to eat during the winter. We don’t feed them other than that although some farmers do. It is hard to imagine something as large as a calf coming out like they do. I would take a video of the process but it takes FOREVER for them to upload. Plus, it isn’t a pretty sight. 🙂 Thanks for the comment and you are welcome!


  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    How large is your herd? I guess if you see them daily you can keep them separated in your mind to know who is new.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello there, Lisa. We have nine cows and now five calves so far. This is the largest the herd has been since I have been here. You don’t need too many on our size of farm. You have to check periodically during the day to see who is born when and who the mom is. That is pretty easy when the herd is small. Thanks for the comment.


  3. Jim R says:

    Is it 5 calves now?

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