Surprises Are Green…

Hello folks! I hope this post finds you all well and as anxious for spring as I am. The grass is greening up a bit and the trees and a few shrubs are starting to bud. The wild roses are also beginning to bud.

Yesterday I took a peek under the Phlomis ‘Edward Bowles’ and was shocked to see it sprouting! It doesn’t normally do this until May! I cleaned off all the dead leaves I had left on all winter as added insulation under the big flower pot I cover it with. Now, I have to watch the weather forecast for drops in temperature and cover it all back up if needed.


I checked on the progress of the Hosta and nothing much has changed. The new growth is still just like it was the last time I checked. Then I went to where the Leptinella squalida ‘Platt’s Black’ was and pushed back the leaves not expecting to see anything. WOW! WAS I SURPRISED! It actually survived the winter! You can see three tiny leaves in the above photo. I first thought maybe it was just grass so I took a closer look. It is definitely the Leptinella! Seriously, I didn’t expect it to come up.


The Rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum) is also coming up…


So is the Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana)…


The Daffodils (Narcissus) are budding… The Crocus ssp. came in went already


The Flowering Quince (Cydonia oblonga) been at it for several weeks.


Some of the Maple trees are blooming while others are just beginning to bud. A few of the Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) trees are way ahead of the rest. Why don’t they all do it at the same time when they are the same species and just 100 feet or so apart?


A few wildflowers are blooming like this Bird’s Eye Speedwell (Veronica persica) are also starting to flower. I also saw a few Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) flowering today.


A few days ago I saw this interesting bird when I went out to the garden. It wouldn’t even fly away like it was too young to fly. I haven’t identified it yet but it is probably a species of Sparrow… Yeah, I know I still have to do a post about the birds. I took lots of bird photos hoping for a few good ones. I never imagined taking photos of birds was so difficult. They don’t stand still long enough to get good photos most of the time.


I saw three deer clear on the other side of the hayfield. The zoom feature is AWESOME! Last night there were four deer in the backyard.


I walked around a little to see what else nature had left behind from days gone by. Things I didn’t notice during the past summer when taking photos of flowers was on my mind.


I am no bug expert even though I took an entomology course for a while when I was in college. GEEZ! That was way back in 1980! This used to be a leaf…


Talk about thorns! This vine has all the armor to keep it from being eaten…


Talk about swelling? What did this?


Hmmm… I took all those wildflower photos last summer but I am at a loss to which this one belonged to… Maybe the Bee Balm (Wild Bergamot), (Monarda fistulosa).

I guess I need to pay more attention to what goes on around me on the farm. Nature always has a way of surviving and we can all learn a few lessons from observation. What does nature have to teach me in 2018? Can I stop, be still, and observe? I guess we will find out…

Well, I better close for now and get back to the pages on the right. I am working on the ten Salvia species now so I have been making progress. I still have a long way to go and also need to go back and make updates.

So, until time. Be safe, stay well, be thankful and GET DIRTY!



2 comments on “Surprises Are Green…

  1. tootlepedal says:

    Let me know when more birds appear. I will be interested to see them.

    Liked by 1 person

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