March 3 Update

Hello folks! I hope this finds you all well. The anticipation of spring this year is a little different because I bought several new perennials last year. Wondering if they will return or not keeps me checking every few days as temps warm up. We had a weird winter with many very cold days which can definitely decrease the chances of survival for some perennials.

The Crocus species that started coming up a few years ago from nowhere did return again. I had been watching for them and when I went out to take photos, they were there. 🙂 It is also nice to see the grass starting to green up now.


I don’t know what species of Crocus this is YET but I took a few more photos that may help make that determination. Plants of the World Online lists 220 accepted species. GEEZ!!! Believe it or not, there are NONE that are native to the United States. There are several websites I can check to get a positive ID.


Baptisia x ‘Lunar Eclipse’

I was very glad to see the Baptisia x ‘Lunar Eclipse’ coming up. I bought this plant last spring but it didn’t flower. Since it returned and looks very good, hopefully, it will flower this year.


Hosta ‘Potomac Pride’

The older Hosta are starting to emerge and ‘Potomac Pride’ is always the first followed by ‘Guacamole’. I moved the ‘Krossa Regal’ last spring and so far I only see one plant that may come up… Doesn’t look good for the others.


Hosta ‘Blue Mouse Ears’

Of the new Hosta, I only see signs of life for ‘Empress Wu’, ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Blue Mouse Ears. Nothing visible for ‘Rainforest Sunrise’, Abique Drinking Gourd’ or ‘Forbidden Fruit’ and there is no trace of their roots.


Salvia nemorosa ‘New Dimensions Blue’

The Salvia nemorosa ‘New Dimensions Blue’ is still looking good but the ‘New Dimensions Rose’ did not come back, or at least not yet.


Salvia x sylvestris ‘Mainacht’

I had begun to wonder about the Salvia x sylvestris ‘Mainacht’. It is usually the FIRST perennial to come up but that wasn’t the case this year. Finally, it came to life…


Sedum kamtschaticum ‘variegatum’

I was also wondering if the Sedum kamtschaticum ‘variegatum’ survived. It is weird, but this Sedum has been barely hanging on for several years. I moved it to this spot last year hoping it would do better. It does appear it has managed to spread somewhat. The Sedum kamtschaticum is doing very well, though.


Stachys byzantina

The oldest clump of Stachys byzantina (Lamb’s Ears) may not have survived this winter. Luckily, the one in the corner bed survived and when I took these photos, I noticed the one I put in the west side of the bed had also started to come up.

Time will tell for the rest as it is still early. Some perennials take their time and apparently want to make sure warmer temps are here to stay before they wake up. The Kniphofia uvaria are still doing good and will hopefully flower this year.

Spring is right around the corner! We had nice temps last week but the wind was still a little on the breezy side. Then, of course, another cold front came bring a lot of wind. Today it snowed but there was no accumulation. But, it isn’t over yet. I will not forget the snow we had a few years ago in May.

Dad and went to Wal-Mart a few days ago and I snuck off to the garden center. I had to see if they had a cactus shipment like they did last year this early. Low and behold, they did. There were several I would have brought home, but I hesitated since dad was with me. It was sad to see the cactus and succulents still wrapped in their sleeves they were shipped in and were soaking in water. I wonder if they ship them all wet like that or if the Wal-Mart employees watered them. Either way, WHY would they ship cactus wet or why would an employee soak cactus and succulents like that. GEEZ!!!!

I still have to make a post about the birds. Dad and I have been taking turns buying their seed this winter because they are eating 40 pounds a week! I didn’t realize how difficult it was taking photos of birds, especially the smaller ones. They won’t sit still!

Well, that’s it for this post. What is coming up in your yard? Stay safe, be well and GET DIRTY!

4 comments on “March 3 Update

  1. Jim R says:

    Nothing like that growing up here in IA. We had a trace of snow today. Chilly the rest of the week. We flew to Orlando FL a week ago. It was 85˚. The main reason for going was to see a launch at the Cape. First time for me. It was a cool thing to watch.

    Liked by 1 person

    • WOW! That was a great trip for you! We had snow off and on all day and very windy. Winter always hates to give up but soon it will be 85˚ in Iowa and here, too. Thanks for the comment and always great to hear from you.


      • Jim R says:

        We live in a weather battleground. There are advances by the forces of the cold north which are pushed back by advances by the forces of the warm south. Sometimes the conflict gets to be spectacular. I like watching the fireworks.

        Liked by 1 person

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