Merry Christmas From The Belmont Rooster!


I hope this post finds you all well and hopefully enjoying your Christmas. I know when I was a kid, Christmas was always exciting, as it is for most kids. I have a secret to tell that no one ever knew, though. Yeah, we have all shook and felt our gifts to try and figure out what they were. But, Ummm…. As I got older, wiser, and smarter I began secretly opening my packages to see what was inside. Then I would wrap them back up. Of course, that just screwed up everything. How could I pretend to act surprised especially since I knew what was inside was something I wasn’t that crazy about. I mean, what kid wants a shirt or socks for Christmas?

Christmas is, or should be, a time when families and friends gather and have a nice meal, sing carols, etc. For some, it is the time when family members come that we may only see once a year. It should be a great day.

If you are a Christian, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and giving. Believe me, I deleted my first post because I wrote A LOT about that topic.

For many, however, it is not a happy time. For people who work or live far away that don’t get to spend time with their family, it can be a sad time. Sometimes friends or co-workers invite them over for Christmas, but for many, one day is like any other. Thinking about their family back home when they can not be there with them is very difficult. If you know someone who is away from their family, invite them for Christmas dinner.

Maybe they are older, like my dad, and their husband or wife passed around Christmas time and it brings back sad memories.

Remember those who are in the Philippines now that have been displaced due to the typhoons there a few days ago. They are not at home, many have lost their homes and loved ones. Think about the people in California who lost their homes from the fires.

Just think about all the people who spend so much for Christmas it takes them the next year to pay for it. Or those who can’t afford Christmas for their family. Think about all those in homeless shelters or in the alleys with nowhere to stay (Even though some want it that way), those n the hospital and nursing homes. Christmas should be a time when we invite people in for a meal who can’t afford it, people who have no one to share Christmas with? Yeah, I have done that, and it is an AWESOME feeling.

When I was living in Mississippi a friend used to come over almost every day. During this time of the year he would say, “Why are you so grumpy?” That was funny because I have always been positive minded. Well, he knew it was because I couldn’t get outside and get my hands in the dirt. I am very thankful for all my friends there who always treated me like family and invited me to their family gatherings during the holidays.

Seriously, I do wish you a VERY, VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope your day is filled with joy. I hope you are with family and friends to celebrate this day however you choose.

In the year ahead, stay positive, give thanks for your blessings share your heart, be more understanding of each other, embrace nature… Just take time to be thankful! If you are in a situation you don’t like, do something about it! There is plenty of help. Awaken yourself! The universe is waiting and wants you to know that YOU ARE AWESOME!

12 comments on “Merry Christmas From The Belmont Rooster!

  1. katechiconi says:

    A very happy Christmas, Lonnie, and I hope the year ahead is positive, healthy and brings you all good things.


  2. Debbie in Surrey England says:

    Happy Christmas Rooster! Hope your day is beautiful


  3. Wishing you a peaceful and joyous festive season, Lonnie.
    Every year we donate to charity instead of sending cards or buying presents and this year I donated to organisations that help homeless people, and your words mirror a lot of what I have been thinking about this year.
    Lets hope that 2018 is full of thriving plants and lots of dirt under our fingernails!


  4. Jim R says:

    Thank you for that positive and hopeful message. I agree there is a lot we can do to make our lives, and the lives of others better. May you and your folks have a peaceful day full of good memories. I look forward to keeping in touch in the coming year.


    • Thanks for the comment, Jim. Most of us have and will need a little help along the way, some a little more than others. We will have an ordinary day as usual. 🙂 Nothing too exciting except for watching the birds. We will definitely stay in touch in 2018.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. jhubner73 says:

    Hope it was a pleasant Christmas. Here’s to a decent 2018.


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