Begonia x withlacoochee ‘Brazilian Lady’ PLUS

Begonia x withlacoochee ‘Brazilian Lady’ on 8-7-17, #365-2.

Hello folks! I hope this post finds you all well. I have been going down my list of plants, one by one, adding new pages, updating published pages, and publishing drafts. I finally made to the B’s and ran across an interesting name.

In 2013, when I had my first Belmont Rooster blog, I had a Begonia that was given to me by the owner of Pleasant Acres Nursery in Leland, Mississippi. She gave me two cuttings from this AWESOME Begonia but didn’t know the name. Thanks to a follower of my blog, the Begonia was finally named.

He suggested it was Begonia ‘Brazilian Lady’ and he was right. Yesterday when I was doing further research so I could publish its page, I did further research and found out something very strange… The correct name is Begonia x withlacoochee ‘Brazilian Lady’. I know what I think of when I see the word coochee, but who would name a plant after… I will stop there. Maybe I should look that word up on  Google images and see if I am even on the right page. Maybe in a private window just in case. GEEZ! I thought so… Well, there are other meanings and it just depends on what you are thinking. The Wikipedia reminded me of various uses for the term in whole or in part. I cannot share that link, though, because this is a family show.

At first, I thought that was a very strange species name and thought surely it was just some made up name. Then, I found it on the EOL (Encyclopedia of Life) website, which is an “official” website. What further verified it as a correct hybrid name was that the information on EOL was submitted by none other than the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh…

Then I thought that was kind of strange because the Royal Botanic Garden is Kew, or at Kew, in London, England. SO, I had to look into that. This is what I found out…

Royal Botanic Garden-Kew in London England. Kew is involved in A LOT of extensive work and there are many divisions and websites including the Plants of the World Online and the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. They work with MANY other organizations including the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh is the second oldest botanic garden in Britain, located in Edinburgh, Scotland and founded in 1670.

Royal Botanic Garden Sidney in Australia

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Two locations in Melbourne and Cranbourne in Australia

Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid (Spanish for Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid). The garden was founded in 1755 by King Ferdinand VI.

Royal Botanical Garden in Ontario, Canada.

I also found this website from Kew called State of the World’s Plants. Reports from 2016 and 2017 are available. I was stuck on this website for a while… INCREDIBLE! 1,730 new plant discoveries in 2016 with photos and locations It only shows a few on the website and I didn’t download the chapter. 225 plant species now have whole genome sequences and that is just the beginning. 28,187 species are recorded as being of medicinal use. Around 340 million hectares of the earth’s vegetated surface burns every year. There are 6,075 species now documented as being invasive. There is a lot more on this website.

GEEZ! This post was supposed to be about the Begonia x withlacoochee ‘Brazilian Lady’ not the Royal Botanic Garden!

The last two times I started the Belmont Rooster blog it seemed I was finished adding all the pages within a few weeks. Do you realize this time I started in January 2017 and have just barely finished a few pages?

It seems I get fascinated and have to learn more and more. That is truly a research disorder and the only cure is research. There are a few other areas of interest I had and have that I designate time for and it has been good to look at other areas. We live in a whole HUGE magnificent universe and there is truly a lot of exploring to do. I just wish I had found out many, many years ago some of the things I know now.

Dad watches the news and tells me this and that is going on. I sometimes read the headlines but rarely the entire articles on my homepage. I don’t even thinking about the US being attacked by North Korea or any other country because I don’t believe it will ever happen. If someone attacked our home and I went outside and saw my Phlomis on fire, it would not be a good thing… OH, my Phlomis!!! I need to make a post about the Phlomis… Nearly everything is dead or dormant except for my Phlomis because I have been covering it up at night with a big flower pot. Guess what else? Last time I checked, the Leptinella squalida ‘Platt’s Black’ was also still alive. When temps were going to drop last week, I covered it up with shredded leaves. I need to check on it. Maybe with the flashlight tonight. Just kidding, I may wait until tomorrow.

Well, I better stop so I can get this post published. I have this imprint on my mind now of what I just saw on Google images, but it doesn’t require further research. I have work to do.

SO, for now, stay happy, healthy, awesome, positive and GET DIRTY!!!

6 comments on “Begonia x withlacoochee ‘Brazilian Lady’ PLUS

  1. Debbie in Surrey England says:

    I love your blog – the enthusiasm and fascination you have for discovering new things in the world of plants is so how I feel! – I just gave up my job of 30+ years to go back to college and learn horticulture. So at 54 I am a student 2 days a week and A gardener 3 days !! Keep following your instinct and sharing your meandering trails of discovery please rooster!! Where-ever they may lead!

    Liked by 1 person

    • THANKS Debbie from Surrey! Since you are from England I am sure you have been to the Royal Botanic Garden. I am in Missouri and have not been to the Missouri Botanical Garden. Can you believe that? When I was in Minnesota, I think I visited three. I went with my brother, so it wasn’t like I could take my time and drool. Besides, I had my own botanic garden in his backyard. 🙂 I am glad to hear you are following your passion and went back to school. Tell me more about it. Thanks for the comment!


      • Debbie in Surrey England says:

        I have been to the royal botanic garden Kew -the palm house is amazing. They have a sister garden in Wakehurst Place in Sussex where the millennium seed bank is. They have stored seeds of all UK species and are now on their way to achieving their mission of conserving 25% of the worlds plant species by 2020. It is a special & thought provoking place. Please let’s hear about the Missouri Botanical Garden when you do go!!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Debbie, I am very glad you have visited RBC. That’s quite an accomplishment for them and a great goal. As long as all their members work together they will accomplish it. So many times when several people and organizations are working on a project they can’t agree and sooner or later plans fizzle out. They have accomplished a lot, though, and there are several ongoing projects with the Kew network. Someday I will go to Missouri Botanic Garden and some of the other gardens in that area. There are several in the St. Louis area. I definitely will post about the trip. 🙂


  2. Jim R says:

    Funny how certain words can lead us off our intended path where we discover other interesting things. Caution: Research can be hazardous to your health. 🙂

    We were in Edinburgh a year ago Sept. We missed visiting the botanic gardens. Ran out of time. I noticed on their site they have 3 locations to highlight the species from different climates. Each site has a short video.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hazardous to our health? Hmmm…. I better check into that. Too bad you ran out of time and didn’t get to visit RBC when you were in Edinburgh. Maybe that is a good reason to go back. like I said in Debbie’s reply, I live in Mississouri and haven’t even been to the Missouri Botanic Garden. Actually, seriously, I have not been to any public garden in Missouri except for a Japanese garden in Springfield MANY years ago. I will have to go back and check the RBC Edinburgh website more thoroughly. One of the botanic gardens I visited in Minnesota had different areas for different climates. The other two were under glass (or at least that is all I can remember). OH, and I forgot about the rose garden. Well, I better stop and reply to your comment or it will become a post! Thanks for the great comment and I will be by for a visit soon!

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