FOUR Days Ago…

Hello everyone! We have went several days without rain BUT there is a system moving in as I write this post. I haven’t heard any thunder yet and there is no wind right now. A couple of days ago it was so windy it blew the Red Bud tree over in the back yard. Seriously, I have been wanting to cut it down anyway so now i have a good excuse. I told dad I was going to cut it down now. He said to cut it down and let it grow back from the bottom. That is not in my plans… A couple of nights ago it started thundering and carrying on, maybe around 4:30 AM, and it barely sprinkled for about a minute.

FOUR DAYS AGO I moved the Alocasia outside. As you can see from the above photo they were READY to get outside. Some winters they do very well in the basement but about a month ago they started looking bad. Now that they are outside again they will soon be strutting their stuff!

Billbergia nutans-Queen’s Tears Bromeliad.

FOUR DAYS AGO I also moved the Billbergia nutans outside. It was also in the basement. If you have tried and failed at raising a Bromeliad, find one of these. It has to be the hardiest and hard to kill Bromeliad on the planet! My good friend and fellow gardener in Mississippi, Walley Morse, gave me this start in 2012 and I have upgraded it’s pot many times. I was going to divide it last spring BUT when I took it out of it’s pot I scratched my head and put it back in. This year I WILL do something with it. I do have some larger pots so one alternative is to just put it in a bigger one. Otherwise I will need to use a saw…

Iris fulva

FOUR DAYS AGO I took this photo of the AWESOME Iris fulva. These are a native southern Iris species of Louisiana Iris I think… OH, I had a whole story about them in the last blog but I have forgotten. Anyway, they were growing wild in the back yard of the mansion in Leland, Mississippi so I brought some with me when I came here. I think they are AWESOME. Such a beautiful copper color. I have other photos which I need to get added to the pages on the right.

FOUR DAYS AGO I also went to a friend’s house for a visit. Well, I had to borrow some clamps. His White Chinese goose finally got old enough to lay and hatch out goslings. If any of you are familiar with geese and know about White Chinese… Even without goslings they can be pretty aggressive. Every time I go out to his place I have to watch my back.

Jay has been one of my best friends for many years. He has had an old Humidaire incubator for several years and hatches out and sells chicks from a few breeds of chickens. He worked for the former Marti Poultry Farm when I was with Allen’s in the early 1980’s. We have a lot in common so we get along really well. He used to me in the exotic animal business and had monkeys, wild cats from Africa and other weird critters. He still has a few Pot Bellied Pigs. Last year he had some kind of an odd looking pig with a long noose and long hair. I think he called it a Rabbit Pig from Vietnam.

FOUR DAYS AGO I took this photo on the way to his house. The owner of this farm used to have quite a few Brahma but I have no clue what this breed is… He doesn’t have any Brahma now, though.

Well, that’s all for now. It is almost 1 AM, so maybe I should go to bed. It is thundering now so we are about to have a storm.

Until next time, stay healthy, happy, prosperous and MOST IMPORTANT… GET DIRTY!!!

One comment on “FOUR Days Ago…

  1. Jim R says:

    An interesting variety of photos. I can’t remember what I did FOUR Days Ago. 😎


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