When I came back from town Thursday afternoon dad said he thought we had another calf. He said one of the older cows was next to the barn and all the sudden she took off running. Well, I had checked a few hours earlier and there were no new calves. I went out to check and all four calves were laying together on the pond bank. Then I counted and there were four cows that weren’t with the rest of them.

I had connected the fence around the entire area we store hay for the winter Wednesday afternoon so I figured they were in there. From where I was standing I could see three. Then I looked the other direction and saw a cow with a calf walking along the electric fence in front of the hay field. I counted the calves on the pond bank again and there were four. The calf with that cow did NOT look new, though!

It was all cleaned off and running around like it was a few days old! But that just could not be!

It had to have been born Thursday morning for sure right after I checked on the cows. Normally, though, after just a few hours old, the calf would still be a little wobbly. Not this heifer. She is running around so fast her mom could hardly keep up with her. She was running around and exploring like she was several days old. If I didn’t know better…

That makes 5 calves now. Four heifers and one bull! Last year there were four bulls and 1 heifer! Three more cows to go.

Well, that’s it for this post! Take care, be happy, stay healthy, be prosperous and GET DIRTY!

5 comments on “#5-ANOTHER HEIFER!

  1. Jim R says:

    How many more to go?


  2. robertcday says:

    Bonus! 🙂 Like thinking you’d eaten all the sweeties in the bag, crumpling the packet and then finding another lurking in the corner.
    How’s your day going? Hope it’s all good.
    Kindness – Robert.


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