First New Calf of 2017

Our first calf of 2017 is a heifer born on March 30. This is her first calf, too. She did very well and is very proud of her new little girl.

One down and 7 more to go. Last year we has 4 bull calves and a heifer. This year we have started out with a heifer.

Of course, July has to have her photo taken and a good rub down. She is looking so much like her mother is it to hard to tell them apart. They both like their head scratched, which isn’t such a good idea anymore. Scratching your calves your calves on the head when they are born gets addictive to them. Kind of like sticking your babies thumb in their mouth to pacify them. It is something you regret doing later on.

I have been working on a post all week that I have not finished. I wanted to get this one done about the calf, though because it is a current event.

Well, I better get off here for now. Take care and enjoy your weekend. OH, if weather permits, GET DIRTY!!!


2 comments on “First New Calf of 2017

  1. Jim R says:

    I like the white face. That will make ID very easy.

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    • Very true. I have noticed that when we use a white-faced bull, unless the calves come out all black, they all look different. The bull last year was a registered Hereford but the one the year before was a black baldy. Well, he was an Angus-Hereford cross, black with a spotted face. Two of his calves came out all black and the other were all different. When the cows are all black, you have to pay close attention and know your cows well to know who is who. Many of them do have their own personality and facial expression. Thanks for the comment, Jim!

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