Celosia argentea ‘Cramer’s Amazon’ Page Added

Well, I finally finished another page, almost 400 to go. The Celosia argentea ‘Cramer’s Amazon’ never ceases to amaze me every year since 2012. They grow very tall and can take up a lot of space. The seedlings come up like mad so you never have to buy more. The biggest problem I have is what to do with all the extras. 

If you want to see the new page just click HERE… 

The weather was nice and warm for a few days but now it has cooled off quite a lot. At least we didn’t get but a small flurry of snow Saturday. 

When I was looking for photos for the Celosia argentea ‘Cramer’s Amazon’ page, I found an idea for the next post. SO, maybe I can do that tomorrow. I think I will try and make a new page everyday, maybe take an hour or so every night. OH, WOW. If I do one a night that will still take at least a year!

I am continuing to work on my online business (s) which so far… Ummm… Let’s just say I have really learned a lot. So much work to get started no matter how many tell you differently. Even if you join a program where your website is all set up, you have to do many things to promote your site. Then you find many others you want to join, too. That’s OK but you can get overwhelmed sidetracked. You have to join one program and finish all the steps before starting a new venture. There are some very good and profitable programs, but there are many scams out there, too. 

Well, I better get off here now and do a little work before I eventually go to bed. Take care, God Bless, and get as dirty as you can. Let those nutrients from the earth soak up in your skin and get some good healthy sunshine. 

2 comments on “Celosia argentea ‘Cramer’s Amazon’ Page Added

  1. Jim R says:

    You have a lot of pages to go. Don’t let the task take over your enjoyment of horticulture. You have a green thumb. Maybe you should have a doctor look at it. 🙂

    We woke to 4″ of the white stuff. A little more is on the way. I thought winter was maybe over. Seems it was still lurking in the shadows. Oh well. It won’t last long.


    • I looked outside a couple of times and it was snowing here but is didn’t keep it up. We had no accumulation. Now it is T-shirt temperature again. Well, I don’t mind the green thumb. A friend of mine told me before the green was running up my arm so I guess it is getting better. Thanks for the comment!

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