The Tiger Has A Flower In Her Jaws!

Hello folks! I hope this post finds you all well. I want to share the excitement of the first flower on the Faucaria tigrina Tiger Jaws). I took this photo this morning (11-6-17) and it may be fully open now. Just have to see what it does next.


When I brought the plants inside for the winter on October 17 I noticed it had two new leaves starting. Well, that’s what I thought anyway, BUT, as the above photo from on October 31 shows, it was a bud and not new leaves.


Last Friday (November 3) It still hadn’t fully opened.


Then I noticed that there could be another bud to the left of the flower. I didn’t even notice until I was looking at the photo. It could be a new set of leaves so we’ll just have to wait and see.


Tha mammillaria hahniana (Old Lady Cactus) is STILL strutting her stuff. Cactus flowers sure last a very long time!!!


It is so neat how they grow in a circle.


The Mammillaria pringlei started flowering in in August and now it is doing it again. There are quite a few buds all around it.


The redheaded Mammillaria rhodantha also has several buds. Not only do Mammillaria flowers last a long time, waiting for the buds to open will drive you insane!

I will be glad when the Parodia (Syn. Notocactus) leninghausii flowers because they will be yellow. But, the wait will be long because it takes FIVE YEARS before they will flower!

Well, I better get back to getting the post about scientific names ready. The post is basically finished but there are several photos of other plants with links to their pages which are not all finished. I still have three to go but the last two took a lot of time.

Until then, take care, stay happy, healthy, prosperous and, if you can, GET DIRTY!!!