Seeds For The Garden and NEW Plants

Hello everyone! On Monday (May 22nd) I stopped by the garden center in Clinton to buy seeds for the garden. I was there on April 24 when i bought plants and no seeds. I bought ‘Black Diamond’ Watermelon, ‘Hale’s Best’ Cantaloupe, 3 varieties of carrots (Danvers, Nantes and Tendersweet), ‘Red Burgundy’ Okra, ‘Red Russian’ and Dwarf Blue’ Kale AND ‘Broad Windsor’ Fava Beans. I had perviously bought ‘Top Crop’ Bush Snap Green Beans and ‘Incredible’ Sweet Corn.

Of course I had to browse around the plants AGAIN and wound up buying two Coleus. The one in the above photo is Coleus ‘Songbird’. This one will grow around 28″ tall and favors either shade or sun.

This one is Coleus ‘Spiced Curry’. It is from the FlameThrower series introduced by Ball Seed Company. This one will do well even in full sun and grows to around 12-18″ tall.

Tuesday I went back out to Muddy Creek Greenhouse…

I want to introduce a very special Hosta to you… Hosta ‘Empress WU’. I know right now it doesn’t look so impressive but just wait and see what happens. Hosta ‘Empress WU is the WORLD’S LARGEST HOSTA growing 4 feet tall x 4-5 feet wide! The leaves can grow to 1 1/2 feet wide! The flower stems can grow up to 5’ tall. I have wanted one of these for several years and now I am delighted to have one. This cultivar is a seedling of Hosta ‘Big John’ and was introduced by Brian and Virginia Skaggs in 2008. It will take approximately 5 years for it to reach it’s massive size.

I also bought a Hosta ‘Dancing Queen’. This is my FIRST gold leaved Hosta, not that there aren’t many on my wish list. This Hosta was developed and introduced by Kent Terpening and Alttara Scheer in 2005 as a seedling from Hosta ‘Split Personality’. It’s gold leaves can grow up to 13″ long, are heavily veined and have a rippled, pie crust edge. They produce pale lavender flowers in midsummer.

NOW, I get to have fun deciding where to plant what. I had it all figured out, for the most part but that kid of sorta changed. I planned on putting the Hosta ‘Empress WU’ next to the side porch. In fact, buying a Hosta ‘Empress WU’ for that area had been on my mind since the spring of 2013. BUT  I put the new Colocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant there.’ It would still be possible to put H. ‘Empress WU’ behind it since it will be several years before either one will maturity. HMMM…

It seems so weird that I started this post on Tuesday and now it is Friday. I have taken several photos, planted the garden, had a new calf, planted the Hosta… I have a lot of catching up to do!

SO, I guess I will publish this post and move on to the next one. But first, I have to go outside and GET DIRTY! I hope you enjoyed the post and are GETTING DIRTY yourself. Take care, be happy, healthy and prosperous! Take time to appreciate your accomplishments, make plans, and embrace your gifts from God and the universe.