So Much Spam

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you well. I enjoy getting comments, we all do, but the spam content is just weird… If I don’t delete the spam comments every day, which I don’t always remember to do, they just pile up in the thousands. Most are the same thing by different people. This one, “Muchas gracias…” is just nuts. I get spam about viagra and other drugs, religion, wanting to make guest posts, and this and that. I emptied the spam a couple of days ago and this morning there is 1,118 AGAIN. It takes a while to get them all deleted. I click on “empty spam” and only maybe 1/4 get deleted so it takes several attempts to get them all deleted. I have had as high as almost 5,000 before I deleted them!

Sometimes I click on “empty spam” and after a couple of minutes, I get this “OOPS! Something went wrong…”

I am thankful for the filters otherwise they would be in with the “normal” comments. I can’t imagine!!! I would sure like to know where they come from and how much people get paid for doing this. 🙂 I have to laugh…

Anyway, I just thought I would bring it up out of curiosity…

I am still updating the plant pages which is what I do over the winter. I am on the “G’s” then I will start on the wildflower pages. Adding some color to the fonts and making sure accepted names haven’t changed for the most part. I thought I had updated them all last winter, but some of the pages haven’t been done since 2018. Then I remembered I was working on wildflower pages last winter so I didn’t update them all. I still didn’t get all the wildflower pages added but I need to do these updates before starting on them again.

I would also like to do a post about plant databases and online sources of information…

Spring is right around the corner… I can feel it coming! 🙂 We had quite a lot of rain during the night and I am thankful it wasn’t ice or snow. High today is 41° F and the forecast says the low will be 28…

Until next time, stay well, be safe, be positive, stay thankful… Get dirty if you are able. You could even just stick your hands in a bag of potting soil. That reminds me… My desert dirt has finally made it to Kansas City so it should be here on Tuesday. 🙂




10 comments on “So Much Spam

  1. katechiconi says:

    You know, I think 90% of all the spam comments I get right now are generated by spambots, and I get a whole bunch generated from the same original post but pretending to come from all different sources, but all saying the same ‘Muchas gracias….’ line. It’s annoying, but you have to stay on top of it every day, and thank heavens for Aksimet.

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  2. Dayphoto says:

    I find Spam amazing also. I am (also) impressed all you do for people who love plants!

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  3. pixydeb says:

    Hi Rooster
    The desert dirt is slowly creeping towards you!!. 😂
    Do you think you will ever get to the point where you feel your plant database/ info is complete? Or is it like the forth bridge (finish & immediately start again so you keep up!)
    We had a huge snow here Sunday that came down in 30 mins – went out to get milk & couldn’t get my car back up the slopes!! Had to slither up. A friend & I Went to work clearing brambles yesterday in the snow! It was glorious- we had fun!! Got really muddy 🥶

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    • Hello Debbie! The dirt arrived today! 🙂 “S”!?!?! It would have made a great video seeing you get up the slope. 🙂 Glad to hear you enjoyed getting out in it otherwise and got muddy. This site is a continual work in progress… Take care always and thanks for the comment!


  4. tonytomeo says:

    About half of my spam is in Spanish, which makes it easier to delete without guilt.

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