Jade’s New Bed

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you well. First I want to say I managed to get all the plants inside yesterday since an “F” was in the forecast. I photographed all the cactus and succulents, and a few others. I measured most of the cactus and a few of the succulents like I usually do to compare their progress with the year before. Before I went to bed I looked outside and it was frosty as predicted. At 3:30 AM I checked the temp and it was 34° F. I was glad I moved the plants inside.

Anyway, I bought a new flannel quilt from a seller on Etsy because my old quilt was falling apart. Jade thinks she always has to be where I am and likes laying on my bed. My computer is in the bedroom so it kind of doubles as an office so naturally she wants to be in there with me. I could normally get her to lay on the end of the bed as long as I had a newspaper for her to lay on. I don’t get it with the newspaper, but that was OK. At least it keeps her hair off the bed for the most part. The problem was after I put on the new blanket she wanted to lay next to the pillow. So, I started closing the door so she couldn’t get in the bedroom but then I could tell she felt neglected. She would paw at the door and meow wanting in and couldn’t understand why I didn’t want her in the bedroom.

I told her I would buy a bed for her so today I picked one up at Petsmart. I brought it home and she would have nothing to do with it. When I returned from the grocery store this evening she didn’t meet me at the door like she usually does. I walked around to the living room and she was in her new bed smiling. 🙂


This is my new flannel quilt just in time for cooler temps. Completely hand made and hand quilted.

I will be working on the cactus and succulent updates and will take several posts as usual.

Until next time, be safe, stay positive, stay well, and give thanks!


3 comments on “Jade’s New Bed

  1. Handsome quilt that looks cozy and warm. Glad to see Jade has settled into her new bed. What a beautiful cat!

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    • Hello Laurie! The quilt is great. Very few times do I win in a situation with Jade unless I can get her to evolve into it. She refused to try out the bed until I was not around. She is very smart, though, and seems to have her way of letting me know what she needs. When she starts snuggling up against something that would make her hot in the summer, I know she is cold and needs something cozy. Now she has a bed for the winter. And, yes, she thinks she is a beautiful cat, too. I won’t tell her what you said because that wouldn’t help her weight (big head). Take care and thanks for the comment!

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  2. katechiconi says:

    That’s a perfect quilt for you, isn’t it? Colourful, cosy and hand-made. But I can see Miss Jade is in love with her fluffy new bed, and quite right too, it’s very snuggly looking.

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