Trip To The ER

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you well. The snow is finally almost gone and today was a lovely day. Couldn’t have been much better

Tuesday was not so good and ended with a trip to the ER. I had this weird pain in my lower left groin area off and on for several months. Tuesday I woke up with kind of a nauseous feeling on top of the pain. I tried this and that and nothing relieved the symptoms. I had two kidney stones back in the 1990’s but this didn’t seem like that. They pretty much hit me att at once. So, around 7:45 PM I decided I better go to the ER. It was an 18-mile trip and I drove myself. Luckily the ER wasn’t busy and I got right in. By the time I was finished talking with the doctor it seemed more like a kidney stone and we were in agreement… Even though it seemed like a long time, they hooked up a bag of fluid and gave me a dose of morphine. They no sooner got me hooked up when the guy came and took me for a scan. GEEZ! Then they finally took me back to the room and hooked me back up again. Even though that process took only maybe 15 minutes, it just as well have been hours.

When the results of the scan came back it was confirmed I had a 6 mm stone in my ureter. Ummm… That’s between the kidney and bladder.

My urine flow was perfectly fine STILL with no pain. But there was still pain in my left groin area and stomach plus nausea. SO, they gave me another dose of morphine and a pill for nausea. At about 12:30 there was hardly any pain but they wanted to give me another dose of pain reliever before they discharged me. The problem was they wouldn’t allow me to drive. I told them I could drive to a friend’s house and he could either let me spend the night or drive me home.

Well, they were very persistent that I not drive… So, I gave the nurse my friend’s number, who is also the minister at church. He came and took me home. It is seriously a good thing because about halfway home I could not keep my eyes open. By the time I was inside I could barely walk. I fumbled around a bit because I thought I had other things to do before I got in bed… I had never been in a situation where I could barely function and it was very weird…

The next morning I got up feeling like a new man. I had no pain and I was wide awake and full of energy. I was supposed to call the urologist and get three prescriptions filled. At that point, I was thinking I would be perfectly fine… Well, by about 10:15 I was getting nauseous again and somewhat uncomfortable. SO, I decided maybe I should go ahead and call the urologist. I have an appointment for Monday at 3:45.

Then I went to the pharmacy and got the prescriptions filled, came back home and took the drugs. One is hydrocodone for pain. One is a tiny pill for nausea. One is Tamsulosin (Flomax)… I am supposed to take the pain and nausea pills only of I need one but the Flomax I am supposed to take once per day. I haven’t taken a pain pill since noon on Wednesday. I took a Flomax and nausea pill at noon whch seems to be my regular schedule.

It is a little strange for me to go to the doctor and certainly not like me to take prescription drugs. If I had have known I had a kidney stone earlier I could have gotten rid of it myself. But, the symptoms I have been having for a while were not like before. So, I didn’t know.

When I had the kidney stones before I guess they were already in the urethra which was why it was a sudden thing. This one may be close to the bladder on the left side which is why there is pain there.

They always say a man having a kidney stone is like a woman going into labor. All I know is that I don’t want another ordeal with a kidney stone. If I were a woman and had a baby, the first would have been the last. LOL!

I have read this and that about what foods and beverages to avoid when it comes to kidney stones. Very seldom do I drink soft drinks anymore. I usually drink 1/2-1 cup of coffee in the morning and have a glass of green tea for dinner. I drink plenty of water the rest of the time. I pretty much eat a healthy diet, just in a weird way. I don’t eat until dinner and I eat a big meal. At almost 59, I think my diet needs to change somewhat and I have been saying that for a while…

I went to the chiropractor on Friday and he is pretty good when it comes to nutrition. He is an older man with a lot of experience and even used to train chiropractors. He asked me about my diet and I told him I ate one meal a day. He looked at me a bit strangely. But, you know, there is a diet plan called OMAD (one meal a day) that I found out about after I had been doing it. The benefits are good but you need to eat healthy all the same. It is kind of like fasting…

He asked if I cooked my own meals and I said yes. He said, “Ahhh, that’s why you only eat one meal a day.” Well, ummm… That may be partly true to some degree. I have never been a big fan of breakfast and it is easy to skip lunch when you get up at 9-10 AM. Just a little coffee and I am good to go. Then 6 PM comes around I am ready for dinner. The problem is not dinner, it is afterward. I snack from then until I go to bed. While do do snack on fruit, there is also the chips, popcorn, nuts, and of course ice cream… Don’t forget the cheese. I don’t think any one meal a day plan or fasting includes junk food eating for several hours before going to bed.

I feel a little hypocritical at times because I advocate health foods, natural supplements, no GMO’s, etc. while I occasionally revert back to my old habits… I really do prefer cooking my own meals, and I enjoy cooking. But sometimes, I do order Chinese, pizza, something from Subway, Sonic, and so on. There is a new cafe in town that makes a great Ruben. 🙂 When you are by yourself, it is very convenient to throw a frozen pizza into the oven or microwave Stauffer’s Lasagna, or even a potpie…

While eating bad foods may not affect you initially, like when you are young, it will catch up with you sooner or later.

So, while my spiritual life is getting better I also need to eat better… I need to commit to me, not just spiritually and emotionally, but also physically. Our cells can heal our bodies, but we need to feed them properly. We can listen to and repeat all kinds of positive affirmations, learn and practice the Law of Attraction, listen to music at certain levels of frequency for this and that… But, we STILL have to commit eating a healthy diet… We can reprogram our subconscious mind and accomplish amazing things but we are still in part what we eat not just what or how we think.

Part of being the amazing creatures we are and having so many abilities is also the ability to choose. To choose a diet for and of life.

Until next time, be safe, stay positive, and always be thankful.

24 comments on “Trip To The ER

  1. debbie lansdown says:

    Oh goodness – what a story
    It’s really odd as we get older how you get a new relationship with your body.
    I have been so lucky with health so far in my life. But i have been tardy about going to the dentist as i had a bad experience with extractions as a child & now I’m having to go so they can put it all right (hopefully)
    Having to accept that the Dentist knows best is challenging !!!

    Also acknowledging that the body needs some TLC
    About 3 years ago when i was still working in sales i got a minor digestive problem that became worse as time went on – i had to overhaul my diet after that
    Eat regularly – Breakfast ;6am cereal +, Lunch; earlier in the day not 3pm! Dinner No processed food (1 have a treat once a week now)
    Drink 3 pints of water a day, no fruit in the 2 hours before bed etc
    I worked it out by reading, trial & error & getting advice!
    Sounds like its time for your overhaul!!!

    I love that the chiropractor nutritionist had you taped ! So that’s why you only eat one meal a day! – It sounds like 1 meal +++ in your case!
    Hope you feel better
    Let us know what changes you’re going to make … 🙂

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    • Hello Debbie! It is very hard to adapt to NOT eating a certain way. I have been fortunate to ike a variety of different food so eliminating certain foods from my diet isn’t a problem. I want to live where I can grow fresh fruits and vegetables 12 months a year. I had digestive issues for a while then started taking probiotics (150 billion CFU from RenewLife). They took care of certain issues. Then I also take enzymes at mealtime which also helps. When you get older apparently your body doesn’t produce enough. Changing when I eat will be the trick. I had my teeth pulled a few years ago and now I have dentures. Having good teeth, false or natural, it a blessing. Some people have great teeth without any effort while others have to make continual appointments with the dentist. I am feeling fine now and it is hard to realize I have a stone floating around in my ureter.LOL! Maybe it dissolved already. Thanks for the comment!


  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Take care now. It is a terrible feeling to be incapacitated. I hope your stone dissolves on its own and you get to feeling better.

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    • Hello Lisa! I am fine now, but Tuesday was just one of those days. I don’t even notice the stone now and it dissolving on its own would be great. We shall see what the urologist has to say on Monday. You take care as well. Thanks for the comment!


  3. gardeningheros says:

    So happy to hear that you are healing . Your diet must be good or you wouldn’t have the energy to accomplish all that you do.
    Try to avoid processed foods as they are filled with supplements for binding or preserving that are not digestible . Shredded cheese is one example . Shred your own .
    Best wishes for your recovery

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    • Hello Jean! I feel fine now. I try and eat a good diet, but there are times when I get a little lazy about it. So much tempting crap available. I agree with avoiding processed foods with all sorts of preservatives and this and that. I always said”if you can read it, don’t eat it.” I need to follow my own advice closer AGAIN. Take care and thanks for the comment!


  4. Jim R says:

    That was quite an experience. One I hope to never have. It was good that you got the ride home. You could have ended up hurt and back in the ER, or worse.

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    • Hello Jim! I hope you never have to experience a kidney stone either. It is not pleasant. I agree with the ride home and I am thankful I had a ride back. Several people have told me that I should have called to have them take me there. I guess I didn’t want to bother anyone and thinking of them having to wait for me to be discharged was a concern. You know how emergency room visits can be sometimes. Take care and thanks for the comment!

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  5. katechiconi says:

    Poor Lonnie, what a saga! I hope you’re fully recovered and back to your old self in time for Christmas. Take care of yourself, and drink plenty of OJ and milk to prevent the recurrence of kidney stones.

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  6. Glad you are feeling better. Don’t think I could manage on OMAD.

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  7. I feel for you. I had 3 babies and the labours were a doddle compared with my one kidney stone episode. I drink lots of water throughout the year and try to eat healthy food. At almost 72 I feel good, long it may continue. Keep smiling 😀

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    • Hello Helen! Ahhh! A woman with experience! You have had three babies plus a kidney stone. Interestingly, you are only the second woman I know of that had a kidney stone. The first was the nurse at the urologist’s office. I guess I need to upgrade the water intake, huh? You keep smiling and stay healthy as well. Thanks for the comment!

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  8. tonytomeo says:

    . . . . I probably should not have read this one. Gads! I am so sorry for your experience. Mine happened without warning, but when it was done, it was really done. There was no indication that anything had ever happened.


  9. Helen says:

    My ex-husband had kidney stones and he was only about 25 at the time. His dad reckoned he should eat less spinach because of the calcium in it.

    Anyway, I think it is impossible to eat totally healthily all the time because junk food does taste so nice (in small doses – my daughter and start to miss healthy food if we overindulge). I can’t imagine eating only one meal a day every day though – maybe it depends on your metabolism.

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    • Hello Helen! Even eating healthy food we need to drink plenty of water. I think it is mainly the “oxalite” acid and not so much the calcium. Spinach and other members of the brassica group are healthy but they contain oxalic acid. I have cut down on chips and started snacking on grapes, blueberries, etc. Like anything else, we need variety and not eat A LOT at a time. That’s the main problem with eating only dinner and snacking until bed. I don’t think eating one meal a day is especially a good idea but it depends on when you get up in the morning and how healthy and active you are. Thanks for the comment!


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